Warhammer 40,000: Building on a Budget 3

I have a treat for all of you:


First up is 'DA HAWG', a classic Ork Warbuggy given a lot of modern tweaks aaaaaaaaand, 


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Warhammer 40,000: Building on a Budget 2

Continuing on my chronicling my forays on Warhammer 40,000 on a budget, here are my most recently finished projects that were done on a budget (Egad! <<< as 'on a budget' is mostly unheard of in this hobby).

 Let me begin with what I've left off from my last post: DAT KUSTOM KILLA KAN!

Warhammer 40,000: Building on a Budget

Miniatures Wargaming as I and others have said before can cost a lot or less on preference. In my case, I like building things on a budget. As such, much of my current Warhammer 40,000 Orks army is built upon practicality.

A recent example: my Killa Kans:

Finished: SD Gundam Unicorn

Again, it's been a while since I posted here in my corner of the Universe. I had a lot to deal with in real life, with build and paint commissions left and right. Every now and then though, I manage to take care of some personal projects like this one:

A SD Gundam Unicorn!


It's the monsoon season here in the Philippines. And that means I'm staying indoors for most of the day. 

It's a good thing, at least for me. I have a few Ork mobs waiting in my queue so you know what that means: PAINTING TIME!

So in the past couple of day, I had 2 mobs of my boyz painted up and ready for battle! Firsy up are my 'Ard Boys:

Finished: Ultramarines Honor Guard


As I say often here, another day, another kit finished.

And what we have here is an Ultramarine Honor Guard commissioned for my neighbor (and Warhammer 40,000 nemesis). This was my first time trying out Finecast and I say it was a great experience. I'm hearing a lot of negative about Finecast, with bubbles, miscast and all sort of other stories about their minis. Luckily, this Honor Guard came with just a few imperfections that I easily remedied.

Finished: Squad Barrachus of the Salamanders

As I always say here: another day, another kit finished.

A 5-man Combat Squad I speed painted in under 6 hours. I made them to fill up my 500- points Salamanders Space Marines Combat Patrol.

This is Squad Barrachus led by Sgt. Barrcahus (Mr. T. reference hehe) armed with a bolt pistol and power maul. The rest are plain old 'bolter Marines.'

Finished: Scratch built Warhammer 40,000 Ork Deff Dredd

I've been bitten yet again buy the plamo bug and here I am finishing plamo and minis left and right.

Just finished my Scratchbuilt Ork Deff Dredd today. Its mainly made from a Korean SD robot kit (called 'Omoroids'), an Ork Deff Kopta and a whole lotta other bits.

Finished: 1/100 MG GPO1 in Maintenance

Another day, another finished kit!

This time its a Bandai 1/100 scale Master Grade GPO1. It's one of Bandai's early Master Grade kits. An indication is that absence of a full inner frame. What's there is a full frame for the legs and a full detail/transformable Core Fighter.

World's Smallest Haro ???

Been VERY busy these days with all the personal projects and commissions coming in as of late.

but well, during my breaks from building kits, I usually come up with stuff like this:

Life Update: Cebu Aftermath and Commissions

Again pardon the lack of activity here. Been gone for a few weeks because of *ehem* business. I had the opportunity to visit the island of Cebu to meet-up with my partners in crime over there. It's about an hours travel by plane or about 24 hours by boat. It was a great trip; Cebu is much cleaner and more beautiful compared to most cities here in Luzon. The people are friendlier too. And the food (especially the lechon) is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

I heard there's a Tamiya Factory there too.


Again it's been a while. Yours truly has been busy with business (which I hope to reveal one day) so I'm not around the internets most of the time.

But hey, if you know me too well I'm also around tinkering with whatever model kit I have in my hands.

(Very Late) Phil. TOYCON 2012 Report

I've been out of the loop in terms of attending the Philippine Toys and Hobbies Convention, more affectionately known as TOYCON. I think it's been 5 years since I last attended.

I was actually overwhelmed by the most recent one. TOYCON 2012 was HUGE. It ran for 3 days beginning June 15 up until June 17 2012 and was held on not one but three (!!!) convention halls inside SM Megamall. In its earlier incarnations, TOYCON was just a one day affair but time has it evolved into a monster geek event it deserves to be.

"Help! I Can't Plamo!"

A lot of fellow hobbyist and collectors come up to me with this predicament. They'll usually approach me, plastic model kit or toy in hand and ask me to help them build /paint/repair it often with the exact same words I used as the title up there.

I help out and give a tip or two about what I'm doing. And usually people come back to me to do a bit more work and advice for them. Here are a few things I usually say to them about getting in to the hobby:

Finished: SD EX-S Gundoom/Gundam

 Just finished my  Model Comprehend (MC) SD EX-S Gundoom/Gundam. I've talked about this kit before, but here's a little primer: the reason for it's quirky name is that this is a Non-Bandai, 'grey' area gunpla.


Now for something that I've missed for a long time: SUMMER KOMIKON!

Summer Komikon 2012 was AWESOME! I was absent from it for almost a couple of years and that was the first time I went to the new venue. Suffice to say, it's a lot more comfortable there with full centralized air-conditioning and lotsa space for everyone. 

I had the chance to station myself at Jonas Diego's booth where I had some of my kits and minis displayed. Later through the day, I managed to get a lot of komiks/comics that I'm not quite done reading them all yet as of now. 

The 'Kon had a lot of surprises. First up was when local film and TV actor appeared onstage to pomote their new comic and digital movie called 'Tiiktik: The Aswang Chronicles'. 

Yours truly, peddling funny book pr0n

With Starchild and Jaganath creator Kevin Valentino 

Surprise #2 was a short film tribute to komiks legend Tony De Zuñiga who passed away not too long ago.One of sis numerable works include Jonah Hex which was turned to a film quite recently.


I'd like to introduce to y'all my new crew on the block: L/R Customs!

We cater to (serious) custom action figure collectors out there. Ever want an action figure of that character from comics or from a video game? Drop us a message and your specs and we'll do it for you! We can do it at any size and scale. We're up to the challenge!

Email us at: lrcustoms1@gmail.com for details! Visit our blog too at: http://lrcustoms.blogspot.com/ .

Battle Report: Gundam Collection 1/400 Tactical Battles

Lookit the size of that METEOR!
Time for another Gundam Collection 1/400 Tactical Battle report! This time, it was between me and fellow GCTB thread player Antonn (darkjacen) on a couple of games.

Event: Free Comic Book Day 2012

Some will say I'm late but I'd say otherwise. Here's Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) in my standpoint.
Obligatory crowd pics

Ork Trukk Finished

Yep, I'm on a roll and this week I finished my Warhammer 40,000 Ork Trukk that I bought 4 months ago.

See its rictus grin?

It was fun build. I had the body and chassis taken cared of 2 months ago but some work related conflict and my own laziness kinda prevented me from finishing the kit for good.

Assault on Black Reach Space Marines Complete!

Whew! Out off hiatus! Well. Sort of.
Finally finished the last mini on my Assault on Black Reach set: a Space Marine Dreadnought! Armed w/ a multi-melta and a powerfist/storm bolter combo which is the default armament for a walker of its kind.


So I'm officially finished with my Assault on Black Reach Space Marines after about 4 months since they were purchased. It felt too long but heck at least I'm done.

Date a Guy Who Builds Model Kits

This is in response to 'Date a Girl Who Travels' (in which I totally agree with the notion but anyway):

Date a guy who builds model kits. Date a guy that would rather spend his money on some plastic rather than one that spends his money on vices. This guy would rather spend on an object of art rather than what he can consume in an instant.

Grey Area: SD EX-S 'Gundoom'

I dunno why, but kits just fall down my lap.
Awesome Box Art

About the same number of sprues from a High Grade kit

Battle Report: Gundam Collection Tactical Battles

*I actually challenged myself not to post for a week because of this. 

My buddies and I are all currently crazy about Gundam Collection Tactical Battles (GCTB), that miniatures game played with 1/400 scale mobile suit minis and set in the Gundam universe. It's an instant hit for me and all the other guys because it combines two things we love the most: Gundam and miniatures wargaming.

We all had the chance to try out the game during one of Mechapinoy's Mechameets (a gathering of people from the local mecha community and forums).  Our games were a sort of the side event as the meets are usually centered around kit building and trading/selling/swapping.
Titans (Randy) vs. 08th MS team (Roe)

I'll talk about the game first. Gundam Collection Tactical Battles (GCTB) is a rather basic miniatures game with simplistic rules unlike most miniatures wargames out there. Each player build his own task force of mobile suits from a per-determined points value agreed upon by both players. The board is set and the battle is fought afterwards. The first player to wipe out the other player's force or completes the objectives wins the battle.

Each unit is capable of moving and acting per player turn. Actions range from shooting, assaulting and/or using a suit's special abilities like launching funnels. What's unique about Gundam Collection Tactical Battles (GCTB) is the inclusion of  Newtype (NT) abilities, a set of game-breaking abilities shared by all units. This gives low cost units a more or less equal footing against higher cost units in-game.

Finished: 1/4800 scale Littorio- class Battleships

Hey 2 posts in a row! That's a rarity. Anyway;

Finally finished my 1/4800 scale Littorio- class 'Vittorio Veneto' and 'Littorio' Battleships of the Italian Navy/Regina Marina. Each took about 3 hours of work.

This is for 'Naval Thunder', a WWII historical naval miniatures war game me and my buddies are playing as of the moment.

Dropped by to greet you all:

My usual response whenever I'm asked out.
  Just a thought.Nothing much as I am still ass-deep on all the work-in-progress stuff I have. 

Catch y'all later.

Painting Slum: Nothing the Ultramen can't fix

I've been on a painting slump  lately. I get a lot of it through the year and it usually happens when I have a long streak of painting works (usually for 3 months straight) until my hands/eyes/both of it gets tired. So whenever i get it, I get up and go away from my work table for a bit and do something else.

I try my hand at toy photography.

Naval Thunder Battle Report: French vs.Italian Navies

I've been playing a good number of miniatures war games and this is just the first time that I'll be writing a battle report. This one's gonna for Naval Thunder, a WWII historical naval war game that me and my buddies were longing to try out.


One of yurikawamura's signature photos
I've been running a number of DeviantArt deviant features these past few months. But I've never imagined that I'm being featured on one.


My collection so far
...from all the Warhammery stuff.
Odds and Ends
First there's this awesome anime CCG called Weiss Schwarz, and now its a Gundam minis game.

You heard me right, there is a GUNDAM MINIS GAME and its called Gundam Collection Tactical Battles.

Weiss Schwarz

It's not everyday that you see an Inori deck box lying around
Aside from miniatures, video games comics and other geeky stuff I'm a big fan of Collectible Card Games (CCG's). I've been through a 'Magic: The Gathering' phase when it was all the rage back in the '90's. Then there was Legend of the Five Rings (L5R), Animayhem and the VS system and a whole slew of other CCGs. I thought I knew and played them all to the point that I stepped out of it for quite some time (like when Time Spiral for Magic: The Gathering came out but that's a story for another day).
Sleeves are WIN!

Poor Man's Army

Orkses nevah loos!
If you think that miniatures warganes/skirmish games is an expensive hobby to get into then you're mostly right. Miniatures tend to be intimidating due tot their size-to-price ratio but I willleave that discussion for another time.

However, there are ways to start a cost-effective miniatures collection for gamng and collecting. I'll not be discussing a get-around but more of a wise method of purchasing and planning. Note that I'll be transparent on the costs and will be using my current Warhammer 40,000 Orks army for this discussion but what I'll give out applies to most modern miniatures as well.

OK here it goes.

WH40K: Salamanders Space Marines Terminators

Second wave of my Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines that I'm currently working on.   

Here's my Salamanders Space Marines Terminators ready to roll out. They're the Elites called upon when there is a threat graver than any other Space Marine could handle. Each Terminator wears tactical Dreadnought armor and is armed with the best weapons available. 

Terminator Sergeant

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