Ork Trukk Finished

Yep, I'm on a roll and this week I finished my Warhammer 40,000 Ork Trukk that I bought 4 months ago.

See its rictus grin?

It was fun build. I had the body and chassis taken cared of 2 months ago but some work related conflict and my own laziness kinda prevented me from finishing the kit for good.

I went all out on this one. I wanted it to have a weathered look without banging it much because I'll be taking it in and out of the tabletop. It's pretty flimsy too so I had to reinforce a lot particularly on the cab.

What I love about Ork vehicles is that you can go all out on them; overload them with weapon bits, weather them like there's no tomorrow, stick more gubbins into them. It'll still look 'good' with all of those (In an Orky way I guess).

Of course it begs for a Gundam Reference. Being red and all.

I know what you'll gonna say: NEEDS MORE DAKKA!!!
So what's next? Keep watching!
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