(Very Late) Phil. TOYCON 2012 Report

I've been out of the loop in terms of attending the Philippine Toys and Hobbies Convention, more affectionately known as TOYCON. I think it's been 5 years since I last attended.

I was actually overwhelmed by the most recent one. TOYCON 2012 was HUGE. It ran for 3 days beginning June 15 up until June 17 2012 and was held on not one but three (!!!) convention halls inside SM Megamall. In its earlier incarnations, TOYCON was just a one day affair but time has it evolved into a monster geek event it deserves to be.

"Help! I Can't Plamo!"

A lot of fellow hobbyist and collectors come up to me with this predicament. They'll usually approach me, plastic model kit or toy in hand and ask me to help them build /paint/repair it often with the exact same words I used as the title up there.

I help out and give a tip or two about what I'm doing. And usually people come back to me to do a bit more work and advice for them. Here are a few things I usually say to them about getting in to the hobby:

Finished: SD EX-S Gundoom/Gundam

 Just finished my  Model Comprehend (MC) SD EX-S Gundoom/Gundam. I've talked about this kit before, but here's a little primer: the reason for it's quirky name is that this is a Non-Bandai, 'grey' area gunpla.

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