Finished: SD EX-S Gundoom/Gundam

 Just finished my  Model Comprehend (MC) SD EX-S Gundoom/Gundam. I've talked about this kit before, but here's a little primer: the reason for it's quirky name is that this is a Non-Bandai, 'grey' area gunpla.

Finally finished after 3 months(!!!) since being handed down to me. It's because this kit was made in between other projects (*cough*warhammer40k*cough*) and the fact that it is an impressively complicated SD kit.

I hope to build more Model Comprehend (MC) kits in the future. My first impression from their SD EX-S made me giddy :D

This kit has lotsa kibble that puts a HG kit to shame. Notable are the wiry joint connectors that seem to be detrimental to the kit. I advise anybody who will build this kit to reinfroce the joints or put it in an action base for support.

Overall a big, bulky but nevertheless impressive (Non-Bandai)SD kit. I'll never underestimate a SD kit again.

Hand-painted with Vallejo, Games Workshop and Semco acrylic paints.
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