IPMS Nationals/Mechapinoy Formula 144 Part 3

Ok I'll be concluding my coverage of the IPMS Nationals/Mechapinoy Formula 144 2011 with a barrage of sci-fi kits and the best of the best.

I'll start off with a gratuitous one:

Dino-ridin' uh, cowgirl takes the cake.

IPMS Nationals/Mechapinoy Formula 144 Part 2

The stage and ginourmous event poster
So here's part 2 of my coverage of the IPMS Nationals/Mechapinoy Formula 144 event held last Oct.21,2011 Friday at the Megamall Activity Center, Ortigas Phils.

The event was jam-packed with model kits from every sort of genre conceivable: armor, aircraft, vehicles, sci-fi and wargaming miniatures. A whole floor was dedicated for the purpose, and I was surprised that it was where the ice-skating rink was (i think it was a couple of years has passed since I last visited). There was about 30 or so glass display cases which housed all of the kits in assorted scales. Some of the displays were coherent enough though some had armor mixed with some 28mm minis and such but this may due to the lack of space and/or overwhelming number of entries and exhibits.

People shown to scale
It was the first time attending such an event. I mean, I've been to several conventions and events but nothing like this. Usually a convention would have a small portion of it dedicated to a handful of plamo, mostly contest entries like that for the annual Toy Convention here. And shame on me for not (yet being able) to attend a single BAKUC (Bandai Action Kit Universal Cup) but heck I may be able to next time around.

The crowd was a good mix of  enthusiasts and passers-by. The event was open to everybody (and free!)which is good as it might encourage more people to get into the hobby. Kids would normally go towards a display and say "Wow that's a cool toy!" and I'm glad to hear some parents explain to them that they are not toys but scale models (hat tip to those parents). There were a lot of hobby photographers present also. I've talked to some if they are into the hobby with a majority of them saying that they're just there to look and take pictures of the kits. A handful were actually into plamo and photography which is always cool on my book. 

IPMS Nationals/Mechapinoy Formula 144 Part 1

So as promised here's my report on the recently concluded IPMS Nationals/MEchapinoy Formula 144 contest (held last October 21, 2011 at SM Megamall). The whole event was huge with over a dozen displays featuring scale model aircraft, cars, armor, sci-fi model and of course gunpla.

I'll be splitting this series into parts as I took a TON of pics for you guys to enjoy. I'll be concentrating on gunpla for this part.

These are actually part of the Sci-fi category for the IPMS Nationals.

Hot Off from our friends at 45Fresh

Wonder what's inside the Toy Art Gallery? Here's a quick look:

Here's some goodies from our friends from 45fresh up for grabs. Check them out!

WH40K Commissions Week 3:Iron Hands 2nd Squad

Squad up, Marines!

Continuing with Week 4 of my Space Marines commissions. this is the 2nd squad, designated red on their shoulder trims. I had the heavy weapons guys batched up because the owner forgot to hand them over from the last batch.

Deviant Feature: jiyujin55

Up on Rai's Garage today is jiyujinn55, a simple guy with an seemingly ordinary life albeit with an unperturbed love for gunpla and other plamo. Let's get to know more of this extraordinary dude.

Love the Backgorund as much as his MG Destiny :D
Rai's Garage: First off, what’s your real name? Can you tell us that or would you stick to your DA persona?
jiyujinn55: My real name is Sebastiaan van der Horst

Remembering some (Macross) Love

Time flies so fast. I remember watching the original Macross TV series in grade school, before I was exposed to Gundam a decade later (college years). It was the first 'real robot' show I laid eyes on and fell in love with. The show was cutting edge even at that time when anime was not that popular yet (and still awkwardly called 'japanimation') and the only SF series shown on the 'tube was of the hardcore kind. It was more than a mecha show, a span ahead of the 'monster-of-the-week' robot shows back then. Don;t get me wrong, Super Robot also have a spot on my heart. Any mecha show for that matter. But Macross is special much like love at first sight.

And now, 30 years past, Macross still reminds us to 'remember love'.

Deviant Feature: BlueFox284

This week on Rai's Garage we're having the amazing all-around kit builder (and hardcore Metal Gear Solid fan like yours truly) BlueFox284. He's just about the personification of your regular, everyday neighborhood guy that works through the day and builds kits like there's no tomorrow. His works includes much variety, but who am I to tell it to you all? Take it away dude!
Intricate decal work here
Rai's Garage: First off, what’s your real name? Can you tell us that or would you stick to your DA persona?
BlueFox284: No problem, name's Dave Allan Ridolfi

WH40K Commissions Week 2: Iron Hands Terminators

So I'm up on my second week on the Space Marine commissioned works. The first squad can be viewed here, and I should mention that these guys made it into the front page of the Philippine's premier mecha plamo site Mechapinoy. This week I'd had some Space Marine Terminators finished.

The Terminators (Termies as we affectionately call them) in their unpainted state

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