Iron Hands Space Marines 1st Squad up!

So, on to the Warhammer Space Marines commission I' working on currently.

Yup the 1st Space Marine squad I was working on is finally up and ready to be photoed and delivered to the owner. It's my first time to paint Space Marines so y'all be a judge of it.
Iron Hands 1st Squad.

It took me around 4 regular days for these guys as I can actually put some work into them once I wake up in the afternoon (not unike gunpla or other plamo).

Just a short background on these guys: The Iron Hands Chapter of Space Marines are the most attuned to machines and thus most of them sport some sort of bionic augmentation. Their colors are mainly black and gunmetallic, but the owner specified I use more of gun metal so as for his Marines not to like Chaos Marines. 

Up close and personal 
Just some basic basecoat-drybrush-detail work on these guys, a bit on the speed painting side as the owner (an me) wants to play with at least a full-painted combat patrol ASAP.
The squad's Sergeant

In action!
Haven't started w/ my own Orks though. Maybe after the Terminators and the Dreadnought, which I am so excited about.

The Sergeant in a different light (lit)

More to come!

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