Black Rock Shooter: The Review

Black Rock Shooter: The Game's been wrapped in hype since it came out. The cool intro animation was one of the best I've seen for a PSP game. But for the rest of it, I can't put my finger on.

BRS: The Game presents yet another incarnation of Black Rock Shooter (BRS). Here she is a superhuman clone which has been awakened several years into a war torn future.  She helps a ragtag bunch of freedom fighters against a little known alien threat that has devastated Earth. And behind the threat lies a bigger one involving super powered beings which are similar to BRS herself.
So the whole game revolves around the player as BRS getting rid of the alien threat in a variety of missions. Much of it is running around through the areas fighting enemies to level up and gain skills and gear for BRS. The battle sequences are reminiscent of Zone of the Enders:The Fist of Mars where you have to 'target' your enemies instead of just placing commands. It's a good thing but it will get repetitive. The game offers another subgame where BRS rides a trike through an enemy-infested hi-way but that's just about it. The battles and a mojor part of exploration feels railed because of the size of the areas and limited interactivity with the environment. The boss battles are nothing to worry about too. Well maybe just about for a couple of them, but the rest are pretty easy.

The graphics on the other hand feels generic. For a game that boasts a terrific intro, sadly the in-game graphics on this one seemed left out. Cut-scenes are also over-played and tells little of the story. And you have to unlock them later unlike in other games where the cut scenes are available in a gallery after you finish the game.

Although the game adds in a few more missions after you finish it, its replay value is still low. but this is a portable game so that's forgivable. Many hardcore portable gamers would find this game so easy but for fans of BRS, it should be worth it especially the collector's edition with the limited Whiote Rock Shooter Figma that comes along with it.   

Final words: BRS: The Game is loaded with coolness but falls out of being remembered because of the short and easy gameplay. 

Verdict: Black Rock Shooter: The Game
Ease of play: Easy
Replay Factor: Low
Coolness: High

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