Deviant Feature:humawinghangin

JIm's  excellent 'Darna' sculpt
Jim's Cobra Commander 
Today's DeviantArtist feature is one of the premier comics scupltors around; Jim Faustino a.k.a. 'humawinghangin'. Jim primarily works on custom comics figures and statues and one of the few out there who focuses on local komiks characters. Let's hear what he has to say for himself and his work: 

Rai's Garage: First off, what’s your real name? Can you tell us that or would you stick to your DA persona?
humawinghangin: Jim Faustino.

Rai's Garage: Tell us something about yourself:  age, occupation, country of origin, other hobbies/interests beyond DA etc.

humawinghangin: I’m old enough. :D/ currently working as offshore illustrator for web consumption(Philippine based).My interests include sculpting, painting, drawing, customizing toys, collecting toys, comics and  sci-fi movies

Original 'Super Gramps' figure

Rai's Garage:What do you normally post in DA? 
humawinghangin: Mostly sculptures and fan art.

Rai's Garage: How did you know of DA? 
humawinghangin:from a group of creative people who I used to work with.

Rai's Garage:What does your interests/hobbies mean to you? 
humawinghangin:A breather, a respite, a passion
The Manson!

Rai's Garage:What normally inspires you as an artist/deviant? 
humawinghangin: Varied. But mostly  uncontrollable compulsion.

Rai's Garage: Craziest thing you did for a piece of work/deviation? 
humawinghangin:Will get back to you on that one. J

Rai's Garage:What is your favorite piece of work? 
humawinghangin: Wolf

Rai's Garage:Aside from DA, where can we watch you? 
humawinghangin: as of this time, only in DA.

Rai's Garage: Advice for fellow deviants with the same interests as yours.
humawinghangin: keep the fires burning. :D

Loved how he described this: Slipknoted.
Rai's Garage: Thank you very much,Jim!

Catch and contact Jim in his DeviantArt account for your custom sculpture savvy.

*All pictures and sculptures are owned by the featured artist. All content used with permission.
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