Buster Beams in Blu-Ray

 Aim for the Top! Gunbuster's blu-ray's out and it's all too exciting!

The definitive Gainax giant robot masterpiece (aside from Neon Genesis Evangelion) gets the High Def-and-extras  treatment this time around. I remember watching Gunbuster on VHS during my college years and I was all fired up with all that 'hard work and guts' coming from Noriko. For me, Gunbuster defined what anime space drama is with the epic space battles just there as background.

The BD will be available in regular and complete formats. Aside from all that Buster Beam spamming in HD and 5.1 surround, the BD will pack  a new short movie, new audio commentary, and a 16-page booklet, video shorts "Harumi & Yumiko's Good Morning, Oki-Jo!", "AD 2032.7.23 Sentō Chūiki cosmic battle space orbit of Halley's comet," all five "Science Lessons," "Sizzler Project," and tons of video previews for both the regular and complete editions.

The complete edition however will include a 115-minute bonus extras disc (which includes: the untrimmed original version episode 6, the rough telecine transfer version of episode 5 t, footage from the video magazine Denei Teigoku, footage from the VHD magazine Anime Vision, a collection of production materials (still frames), and  video footage from the earlier Gunbuster Perfect release's bonus extras disc with video commentary from the staff and cast. Also included is an exclusive 100-page booklet featuring  production materials,early image boards, and other items.

Aim for the Top! Gunbuster's BD is truly a significant Gainax release in years and here's hoping they follow up with Aim for the Top 2! Diebuster in the near future.

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Sourced from the Anime News Network.
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