Now for something that I've missed for a long time: SUMMER KOMIKON!

Summer Komikon 2012 was AWESOME! I was absent from it for almost a couple of years and that was the first time I went to the new venue. Suffice to say, it's a lot more comfortable there with full centralized air-conditioning and lotsa space for everyone. 

I had the chance to station myself at Jonas Diego's booth where I had some of my kits and minis displayed. Later through the day, I managed to get a lot of komiks/comics that I'm not quite done reading them all yet as of now. 

The 'Kon had a lot of surprises. First up was when local film and TV actor appeared onstage to pomote their new comic and digital movie called 'Tiiktik: The Aswang Chronicles'. 

Yours truly, peddling funny book pr0n

With Starchild and Jaganath creator Kevin Valentino 

Surprise #2 was a short film tribute to komiks legend Tony De Zuñiga who passed away not too long ago.One of sis numerable works include Jonah Hex which was turned to a film quite recently.


I'd like to introduce to y'all my new crew on the block: L/R Customs!

We cater to (serious) custom action figure collectors out there. Ever want an action figure of that character from comics or from a video game? Drop us a message and your specs and we'll do it for you! We can do it at any size and scale. We're up to the challenge!

Email us at: for details! Visit our blog too at: .

Battle Report: Gundam Collection 1/400 Tactical Battles

Lookit the size of that METEOR!
Time for another Gundam Collection 1/400 Tactical Battle report! This time, it was between me and fellow GCTB thread player Antonn (darkjacen) on a couple of games.

Event: Free Comic Book Day 2012

Some will say I'm late but I'd say otherwise. Here's Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) in my standpoint.
Obligatory crowd pics

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