Battle Report: Gundam Collection 1/400 Tactical Battles

Lookit the size of that METEOR!
Time for another Gundam Collection 1/400 Tactical Battle report! This time, it was between me and fellow GCTB thread player Antonn (darkjacen) on a couple of games.

First up is a 155 LP classic matchup between the 00 and Strike Freedom. Antonn's MS team consisting of:

"We are Celestial Being"
00 Gundam 78 LP
Dynames 47 LP
Tieren (Flight type) 19 LP 

While mine consisted of the Strike Freedom with METEOR (75 LP )and a couple of unmodified Zaku Warrior Gunners (40 LP each). W decided on an all-terrain battle amidst a group of hills (in which the hills are declared to hinder movement and line of sight).

Turn 1-2: We rolled for initiative, with Antonn getting the jump.The first couple of turns sees both of us maneuvering our units towards the center of the field. His 00 (with beam rifle) closed in fast using its Twin Drive leaving the Dynames and Tieren behind. On my turns, I had the METEOR leading the flight with the 2 Zaku Warriors close on its wings. 

Fast and Furious!
Turn 3: Antonn's 00 is right where he wanted to be; up close and personal for some wetworks. The Tieren and Dyanmes quickly caught up. The Tieren managed to get to the METEOR's threat range, managing to get some good to-hit rolls but almost always barely hitting the METEOR. His Dynames and 00 managed to make short work of my Zakus at a distance.

I had a few unlucky rolls targeting the Tieren with my METEOR. My Zakus were the ones who had all the hits on this turn but other than that, nothing stellar here on my part. 
Here they come!
 Turn 4: Antonn downed my Zakus with the 00 and Dynames, scoring a critical hit for each. The down side is that his 00 exhausted its Twin Drive ability by this turn so it had to cool down for a bit. This time I exclaimed: "An opening!" and trained my METEOR's guns into his 00, bringing it down at last. The turn ends with just my METEOR and his Tieren and Dynames remaining.

Turn 5: Antonn's Tieren rushed and tried to lock down my METEOR in melee, but it was futile. The Dynames managed to maneuver and make a rear attack on it but surprise, surprise, my METEOR managed to evade! When my turn came, I finished off the Tieren with the METEOR's ginourmous Beam Sabers. It was down to the Dynames and METEOR for this match after that.

Dynames' Last Stand
 Turn 6-7: We were down to our last shots this time around. The Dyanmes came in close so it had to use its GN Pistols on my METEOR, but to no avail. I had 3 of my Super Dragoons launched on Turn 6 to harass the Dynames, a big gambit on my part. Turn 7 saw Antonn shooting down my Dragoons, managing to destroy all of them. In the end, the METEOR had the Dynames cornered for a Beam Saber kill.

Result: SEED Destiny (me) WINS!

Antonn's comments:  Not my best team yet, but hey first time use of 00 (it stalled because of Transam bwahahahaha).

GAME 2 or somewhat-like-GUNDAM UNICORN EPISODE 4.

***You'll have to excuse me for the lack of pictures on this game. My camera died on me in the heat of the battle***

Game 2 was between Antonn's Unicron team and my Zeonic horde. Rosters are as follows:

Antonn's Unicorn Team:

Gundam Unicorn
GM II (AEUG version)
Gm Command x2

Rai's Zeonic Horde:
Gouf (with heat rod)
Zaku II (with heat hawks) x2
Zaku I (with heat hawk)
Dodai x3
Samson transport 

Now these two teams are tactically opposite of each other: the Feddies are on the shooty side while my Zeeks prefer some good old wetworks. We rolled for iniative w/ me getting the jump.

Turn 1: I embarked my Zaku II's and Gouf into the Dodais, a famililar tactic of mine to get my Zeeks up close. I had them moved right into no man's land (center) as the Feddies would still have to foot slog to our position when their turn comes. My Samson w/ the Zaku I followed suit.
2nd Game: Antonn's Unicron Team vs. the Zeonice horde
A little trading on the side wouldn't hurt right?

Turn 2: I broke my team in to single Dodai formations. The Feddies on the other hand, moved in formation apparently to prevent me from closing in for melee. They all opened fire after that, downing one of my Dodais leaving the Zaku II embarked on it to slog the rest of the way. 

Turn 3: I closed in and fired my Dodai's missiles into the GM's to tenderize them.  Too bad for me because I had a 3 roll streak of 1's on my turn. I assulted with my embarked suits but the GMs proved resilient. On Antonn's turn, they all disengaged and fired on my Gouf, which had 1 HP after the fire fight.  The Unicorn with its nasty Beam Bazooka managed to down another Dodai which, fortunately, had one of my Zaku II's in melee range.  

Turn 4: This is when the fight got ugly. I got desperate and had my remaining Dodai dive into the Unicorn which proved to be futile. I tried to assault the Unicorn but a GM got in the way. My Zakus engaged the other MS but I had another streak of low rolls (apparently, Antonn's 'player ability' hehe). The Feedies enjoyed this turn's shoot fest, with tthe GMs downing the Gouf and a Zaku II this turn.

Turn 5: This was my last stand; I charged with my remaining Zakus,bringing them into the fray. I managed to down a GM but that was it. The turn ended with a GM gunning my Zaku I down (which came tooooo late) and the Unicorn blasting my last Zaku II to bits with its Beam Bazooka.

Game Result; Antonn WINS!

Antonn's comment: used this twice already. once against Dennis' Doms and later versus the Zeon Remnants! (  ). Hyper Bazooka is just Nasty. The GM Commands are also good to soak up damage. Defensive formation made all the difference.  

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