Office horror

I hate talking about scary things. Especially when I have experienced it myself. For people who know me, they can attest that I am not supernaturally attuned.

But then there are moments that make me believe that supernatural forces abound. Such is the case last week when we had power fluctuations in our office. it was so bad that the crew from the other room had to relocate to the upper floor (our offices are located in a basement and 2nd floor of a building in Los Baños).

So the team where I belong to were left in the basement, which is pretty much OK. That was until the electricity went haywire and all of a sudden, me and about half a dozen of my teammates felt like we were in an episode of Silent Hill. Mind you, there are still 3 vacant spaces down here at the basement and as the power flux kept getting more erratic, we heard noises coming from the other rooms. Funny thing is, everything's fine on the other floors. back to our side of reality, our lights kept blinking in and out with matching scratches and other noises from farther down the basement. Noises we haven't heard of before.

I was scared and I'm pretty sure my other office mates were too that day. We we relieved that the shift was over and that the maintenance guys were coming in to fix the flux. The power's fine now,thank goodness but the little eerie noises are still there.  From then on, I try not to stay long into the corridors or look past the other units.

I dunno, there are a lot of things that my science cannot explain. Halloween's still far off the calendar and I try not to think about that fact. Right now,I'm just trying to pull myself together whenever something eerie is happening around here.

Thing is after all that and I though that everything is in place, I heard from one of the security guards as well as from one of the chambermaids that someone committed suicide in one the rooms here at the basement...

What I've been doing lately...


Gundam Exia Ver. Rai

Took me a while to convert and paint and I'm glad I finished it over the weekends. One of my finer works to date I might say More pics and explanations on my Deviant Art page.

Daft Punk Love: Harder Better Faster Stronger Manier

I'll leave you for the weekends with some Daft Punk love; with Harder Better Faster Stronger and all my favorite versions of it:

But let's start with the original of course:

...then we have the infamous Harder Better Faster Stronger babes...

...moving on with the 'hands' version:

...the 8-bit version by River City Ransom...

...then of all things, in ACAPELLA!...

...and last, beatboxed by Hikakin!

Enjoy your weekends!

Things I learned from Metal Gear Solid

1.Women are always turned on by the uniform.

2.Nanotech sucks, like STD.

3. Whiny doctors stick to your ass and ask for your help in destroying their mobile weapons platform (which is their fault in the first place anyway)

4.With proper training, one can bust down a tank or helicopter on his own.

5.Everything is hard to get by, so everything should be procured on-site.

6. Sometimes a vacation can suck, especially if it's in enemy territory.

7. Nosy people can be nosier if you have an embedded communications device in you.

8. Anything that crawls, walks, flies or swim can be eaten

9. You can beat the crap out of people and get rewards for it.

10. Wearing almost nothing but guns and ammo while charging into enemy territory is uber macho stuff.

*note: Screen shots shown here from the game were taken using the in-game screen capture feature and are copyright by Konami 2010.

Scott McCloud features Pinoy 24-hour comic challenge...

...but before that, this weekend passed and decided not to go to the Toy  Con this year. Really tough but hey, I feel it's worth it since ***drum roll please*** I finally got an airbrush...

Yes, after all these years, I finally got an airbrush. Worth the wait I might say.

Awryt back to business. Mr. Scott McCloud featured our local 24-hour comic challenge in his blog. Check it out right here. It's good to know we're recognized and me and my comrades will do our best.

Oh, I almost forgot; got these in a mall toy bargain bin:

Terminator: Salvation figs! For just about 1 100 Php each. Even though I wasn't able to go to the ToyCon,these made my weekends.I am appeased!

That's all for now! XD

Webkomiks updates and some other news...

Awryt first on our list is Mervin Malonzo's awesome video promo for his 'Tabi Po' webkomiks. Check it out below:

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Next we have Norby Ela and the Yo Bo! Crew cooking up a spin-off of their komiks entitled 'Deo's Den'. Click on the title to give it a spin!

You might also want to check out the new and improved Joystiko, packed full of video games news from all over! C'mon, I know you want it!

REAL Grade Gundam: Perfect Grade for the 1/144 scale

The recent issue of Hobby Japan announces the release of the new 1/144 scale 'Real Grade' with Amuro Rei's RX-78-2 Gundam spearheading the range
According to the article, the 1/144 'Real Grade' series (REAL is an abbreviation of Revolutionary Extra Advanced Level) will have advanced joints forming an exoskeleton similar to that found on old V-Gundam models. Other features include more points of articulation and moving parts (such as vents and ports that open and close) previously unavailable in 1/144 scale. These features made some experienced gunpla builders to label this range as "Perfect Grade" for the 1/144.

1/144 scale 'Real Grade' RX-78-2 Gundam will be released in Japan on July 24,2010 for approximately 2,600 yen. By the way, if you look closely at the picture, there's a spoiler for the next model on the range. Clue: It's name stars with a 'Z', it's red and can go '3x the speed of sound'. Figure that one out.

Wait a sec: Adidas + Daft Punk + Star Wars + Snoop Dogg + the World Cup = What? equal to this:

Adidas' new ad for the World Cup.

First of all, I'm not all into clothes or fashion or stuff. I'm a wash and wear dude; if it's  clean, I'll wear it. I'm not particular about clothes or shoe brands or whatever, just like any geeks-to-the-core out there.I'm basically your T-shirt and jeans guy.

So why am I so crazy about this ad? Simple. It has Daft Punk on it. I'm really a nut for these guys, ever since their Discovery album. Add in Star Wars and you've got me all eyes and ears on this one.

Oh, Snoop Dogg's there, never really noticed.And hey, some other celebs too...

Evangelion: World - Life-Size EVA-01 Construction Project

OK, so meanwhile, during the 1:1 RX-78-2 transfer from Odaiba to Shizouka, this is happening:

Oh my...look at all that fiberglass!!!
The 1:1  Evangelion Unit 01 is undergoing construction. Gunjap reports that it will be installed at an amusement park near Mt. Fuji and will hopefully open by the end of July. But compared to the 1:1 Gundam, the Eva 01 installation will not be a full model but a 'life-size bust" instead. Visitors could view the bust inside a simulated cage. For an extra fee, visitors would have access to a separate installation of a life-sized entry plug with all the details as seen on the anime.

Man, they're really making our geeky wet dreams come true.

1:1 RX-78-2 Gundam currently under construction in Shizouka (from Odaiba).

This is just in from Sankaku Complex. The famed 1:1 RX-78-2 Gundam is currently under construction in Shizouka (from Odaiba).

So this is what an actuator looks like.

The exhibit will open July 24, 2010 and word has it that a beam saber (!!!) would be included in this installation.

 Who says it's fake?

Now, when will this tour the Philippines? :)

Oh, this is just in: The 24-hour comic book challenge!

Awyrt! The 24-hour comic book challenge is on!

Interested? Click on the link above to find out the mechanics and how to join.

Meanwhile, I'm gonne be bringing this to the challenge:

Arming Choco Mucho Big Bar! (AA Battery shown to scale)

The Hobbybox

I'd like to promote the HobbyBox's blog which my pal, otaku extraordinaire Jima-san (Randy Joseph Saprid irl) just started not long ago. Here's a brief description of what's on the 'Box:

"That's right, you heard right. The HobbyBox, a single-person bedroom/hangout for fellow otaku/gamers, now has it's own blog. I'll personally see to it that this blog is stuffed with all things anime, video games, and related stuff."

Watch out! the 'Box is coming your way!
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