Free Comic Book Day 2011

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is upon us again!

It became a sort of tradition for me and my (Komikero) buddies to attend Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) at a local mall, which falls at the first Saturday of May each year. This is a worldwide event and tons of free comics from the big companies Marvel, DC, Darkhorse etc. with some local indie makers participating too. Check out my last year's stash.

This year is FCBD's 10th year run and the organizers are planning something big. And as with any other FCBD, local komiks creators will be at the event venues to meet and greet with their fans

Check out the list of local participants:


Phone:632 816 3845



I'm planning to do a bit of coverage of the event so stay tuned! See you all there!

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Entry Grade Review

There's still a lot of komiks to review here at my end, but I'm taking a break from those to give way to, wait for it.

Gunpla and other plamo reviews and how-to vids. Here's the first, or should I say, 'episode 0' of a show I'll be producing (sporadically) about the in and outs of mecha scale modeling. I've started off with a review of an Entry Grade 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam which I bought cheap from a mall;

I'm planning to call this show 'Practical Plamo' (or Pura-Pura) but I'm still open for suggestions. What do you guys think?

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Komiks Review: Starchild and Jaganath

(OK, back to komiks reviews)

First, I have to say that there aren't many local indies that focus solely on science fiction. I'm excluding superhero books for now as they have a varied skew on the genre.

I stumbled upon Kevin Ray Valentino's Starchild and Jaganath at this year's Komikstrip 2011 and it just stands out amongst its contemporaries. Most of the indies I encountered were either humorous or of the superheroic kind. Don''t get me wrong, I love all kinds of indies but I always look around for something radical, something unhinged.

That's where Starchild and Jaganath comes in. To surmise, it's a fun S/F romp involving a super genius kid and his trusty satellite super weapon/companion running around doing scrupulous deeds around the universe. Though the art may not carry the sense of action from panel to panel, Starchild and Jaganath still delivers as it is simply well written. Its heavy with SF elements that could've come from a British work like Dr. Who or something from Morrison perhaps but Starchild and Jaganath still stands on its ownTake for example how the protagonist retains his connection to the reader by still being human despite having such power at his disposal. There's a definite connection to the reader, and a good one at that.

Starchild and Jaganath is my favorite of the bunch, and I'm looking forward for more. It may not be for everyone though given the heavy SF elements but somehow if any typical reader can get through it all, it is an exciting and enjoyable read.

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Rommel Estanislao creations

Aaaaaaaand back, with something different yet familiar for you all.

I'm going to take a little break from komiks reviews to give way to a toy review, the first in this blog anyway.

The following pieces are made by triple threat creator Rommel Estanislao, a.k.a ~dinuguan over at Rommel or 'Omeng' is a triple threat: he can draw, sculpt and design making him one of the more versatile komiks artists these days. I'd review his indies but I'll reserve that for another time. We'll be looking at his superb handiwork mainly the toys and accessories that he makes.

What I've picked up from this year's Komikstrip was his Mjolnir pendant made up of Sculpey Clay. What Omeng did was to sculpt it 'chibi-style' with it having an exaggerated head and puny handle. The grey/orange scheme works and reflects what Thor had in the comics. It's simply adorable, just the right way I like it to be.

Now Omeng also works on a lot of products that range from comics, anime and pop culture by request most of the time. He does have some signature lines like his 'Tupang Itim', 'Broken hearts' and 'Katas ng Saging' series notable for their cartoony look and cheerful colors. The creatures in 'Katas ng Saging' for example are sort of mini busts/pendants set in cola caps. Genius eh? And this seems appropriate as he ties up most of his products with his komiks. He prices his works reasonably too so 'kon goers (like yours truly) can get a piece or two and still get indies from all the other artists around. 

I couldn't recommend Omeng's handiwork enough so the next time you go to a 'kon, look for a man with glasses hawking odds and ends. That''ll be Omeng and he will bring little clay joy to your life.

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