Deviant Feature: Mecha-Master

Today's Deviant Feature is extra special. We've had some exceptional deviants with their equally uncanny works posted on this humble blog. But now, exclusively on Rai's Garage is the super dimensional mecha artist Mecha-Master/David A. White in real life. Among Mr. White's claim to fame are his works for the new Mechwarrior/Battletech universe as well as other high profile stuff ranging from official works on Voltron and Transformers. Heck, we'll let the man speak for himself!
Mr. White at the 2010 NY Anime Fest and Comic Con
Rai's Garage: First off, what’s your real name? Can you tell us that or would you stick to your DA persona?

Mecha-Master: Hi! Outside of deviantArt, I go by my real name of David A White. I have to use the “A” because there are a lot people with the name David White. I’m always a little embarrassed by my DA handle of Mecha-Master. I definitely don’t think I am the best mecha artist nor am I really a master of anything. I just like drawing mechs and try to do my best every time I draw something new. I don’t know what I was thinking when I came up with that name!

Cardboard Combat: Starcraft the Boardgame

Another Boardgame Sunday, another day to duke it out with our tabletop tacticians. This time around, we had Starcraft: the Boardgame.

First look at the board and components, Starcraft: the Boardgame is a handsome game with all of the miniatures you'll be getting right out of the box. There's tons of them by the way and you'll probably wonder why Starcraft didn't make it as a miniatures game too. Anyway, aside from the minis the other game components are eye candy. The planet boards, faction sheets, tokens and cards were all nifty and set on heavy stock cardboard ready for some rough handling. Overall, Starcraft: the Boardgame's looks alone is worth the purchase. 

What the board looks like. Daunting even with out the connectors.

Yes, this is how cramped the play area is with 6 players.

Deviant Feature: Bang-Doll-SSI

Deviant Feature return here atthe Garage and what better to have on our hot seat this time than the incredible Bang-Doll-SSI. His interests in mecha is broad: his works include a number of gunpla, Maschinen Kreiger, Warhammer 40,000 and historical models (warplanes, battleships, armor etc.). Read all about him and take heed on his golden pieces of plamo advice! Carry on!
Masterclassed HG 1/144 Gundam 00 Qan[T]

All out!
Rai's Garage:  First off, what’s your real name? Can you tell us that or would you stick to your DA persona?
Bang-Doll-SSI: Dade W. Bell.  I’m also usually called Karybdis everywhere else, but DA (Karybdis was already taken).

Revoltech Yamaguchi VF-1A (3-way Transformation) Review

I woke up with a surprise last Wednesday. A package from my friends at 45Fresh arrived containing a Revoltech Yamaguchi VF-1A (3-way Transformation) inside it. And boy I was excited to open it like a kid at Christmas day. 

The hefty box...

...which contained THIS!

Cardboard Combat: GOSU

Been a while since we last seen some cardboard combat. This time around, me and my buddies have acquired Goblin Supremacy or GOSU.

Warhammer 40k Orks: Kult of the Kitz Defkoptas

Time for some Ork mecha (Or should I say 'mekka'). Here's my Deffkoptas Squadron the 'Skall Skwadron'

Color scheme's inspired by Macross' Skull Squadron. These were my most favorite minis topaint among the 'Assault on Black Reach' set. Loved the design for these, they're essentially one-Ork mini-copters with some formidable fire power. They mainly serve as Fast Attackers/Flankers for an Ork army, among their other outlandish war machines.

Warhammer 40k Orks: Kult of the Kitz Nobz and Big Mek

OK continuing my Warhammer 40,000 Ork showcase, here are my 'Assault on Black Reach' Ork Nobz showing off their colors.

Apparently these guys were much more easier to paint than the boyz coz there's only 5 of them in the set and they're much bigger than the boyz. Had a lot of fun 'kustomizing' them, giving each a sort of personality.

Warhammer 40,000 Orks: Kult of the Kitz Boyz

And now something for of my own. Introducing my Ork army: "The Kult of the Kitz"

And here's my first Ork Boyz Mob's here: The Red Shouldas!

WH40K Commission Week 5: Iron Hands Rhino

I actually had this finished last week but I gave way for my IPMS coverage. So here's my first stint in armor, an Iron Hands Space Marine Rhino APC. not much in the way of camo or weathering,I used the painting references in the codex for this one. Also note that Warhammer 40k Space Marines actually flaunt their colors on the battlefield thus they see camo as something cowardly.

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