Warhammer 40,000 Orks: Kult of the Kitz Boyz

And now something for of my own. Introducing my Ork army: "The Kult of the Kitz"

And here's my first Ork Boyz Mob's here: The Red Shouldas!

I've decided to call my Warhammer 40,000 Ork army 'The Kult of the Kitz' mainly for my love for Gundam ang other mecha anime. The color scheme as you know are Gundam standards: White/light grey for the main, blue and red secondaries and yellow for detail colors. 

The 'Red Shoulda' name is an allusion for the Red Shoulder Battalion from the mecha anime VOTOMS though. I'll put more Easter Eggs on the rest of the guys as I work with them :D

 In game terms: this is a 20-ork strong mob that's equipped with sluggas (pistols) and a close combat weapon each. 2 of the boyz are armed with 'big shootas' (machine guns). So basically these are melee-oriented troops with some fire and assault capabilities. 

I'd write some short fiction later for the army, just wanna post them up here for now. 
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