Revoltech Yamaguchi VF-1A (3-way Transformation) Review

I woke up with a surprise last Wednesday. A package from my friends at 45Fresh arrived containing a Revoltech Yamaguchi VF-1A (3-way Transformation) inside it. And boy I was excited to open it like a kid at Christmas day. 

The hefty box...

...which contained THIS!

This is different from the earlier Macross VF-1 releases as this one actually transforms from its 3 different modes: Fighter, Gerwalk and Battroid. Kinda flimsy for a typical Revoltech as the transformation gimmick requires a lot of joints to be placed in the figure. Nevertheless, it's fun to pose and is budget friendly compared to the Bandai or Yamato VF's.

Show me another Valkyrie figure that can do this.

Up Close


The Gerwalk mode's the most decent

Fighter mode's also nice though it has no landing gear so the gunpod would always jut out.

Nice detail but kinda lacking. Needs a bit of panel lining.

Overall I loved it for its tranformation gimmick and poseability but I find it too flimsy. This is probably because of the number of joints in the figure (which is also responsible for the transformation). Still, its awesome and I recommend every Macross fan to own at least one.

Vid review coming soon!

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