Cardboard Combat: GOSU

Been a while since we last seen some cardboard combat. This time around, me and my buddies have acquired Goblin Supremacy or GOSU.

GOSU is a crazy card game full to the brim with crazy mechanics brought about by -what else- crazy goblins. It's fun to see a game revolve around a single theme but manages to be fun and challenging nevertheless, and GOSU is one of them.

A look at the game aesthetics first. The art is wacky which is very apt for the game's setting. There's a good mix of bright and gloomy colors all over the box and the cards. All in all the game's graphics  look great considering that the game only primarily consists of the 100-card deck and a handful of tokens.

Plot-wise, GOSU is set in a world of goblins and their Great Wars. A player acts out as a Goblin warlord out to rule over the other warlords through his goblin army. The game is simple enough: build a goblin army by summoning or mutating them, and foil your foes plan along the way using -wait for it- the same goblins that you have. After all players have passed, a Great War happens and whoever has the highest military might wins the round and gains a victory point. Whoever scores 2 victory points first is declared the winner.

But earning victory points is just one of the paths to victory. Building an army of goblins is not enough. It takes a bit of cunning to outwit your foes into submission. As you add more goblins into your army, your options grow especially with the upper tier ones. Most of the Level 3 goblins have game breaking rules and/or instant victory conditions that could win you around if their conditions are met. And that just gives the game its high replay value and depth.

GOSU is a good pick-up game and is also worthy of a session of its own. 2-3 players are ideal but 4 might be get a bit chaotic and some turns may turn into drags if left unmonitored. Highly recommended for those who want a great game without worrying about your budget getting busted.

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