Shooting Black Rocks

Black Rock Shooter's (B★RS) getting a lot of love lately. The Hatsune Miku vocaloid spin-off series recently got their own video game and soon,its own TV anime (not that the one-shot OVA explained anything though).

Jump for the game's action packed intro CG:

Black Rock Shooter: The Game is out now for the PSP. Looking at the CG intro, it seems that the already sizable cast of super-powered mecha girls is further expanded with some sprinkling of similarly  super-powered mecha guys on the side.

And as with all popular anime franchise turned video game, Black Rock Shooter: The Game comes with an uber-spectacular collector's bundle which includes a limited edition White Rock Shooter Figma, a fine addition to any B★RS Figma collection (including this awesome Figma Strenght).

Catcha all after for a review!

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