Deviant Feature: PoisonRemedy

Alright so starting today, Rai's Garage will be featuring artists (more commonly known as 'deviants')from showcasing their works and links to their blogs and DA galleries. we'll start with the deviant known as PoisonRemedy.

PoisonRemedy plamo works include hard-to-find and little known mecha plamo. He usually works with grunt units from the Gundam franchise particularly in the Universal Century timeline though he has other works from the more recent timelines and other mecha franchises as well. He has a distinct style that blends old and new school painting and modeling techniques not quite seen in other modelers. Checkout some of his works below:

Rem's Den'an Zan from Gundam F91

Rem's Hardygun also from F91

ART-1 from Super Robot Wars Original Generations

But apart from  mecha plamo, PoisonRemedy also draw comics and he has an ongoing strip in his DA account entitled 'That Dot and Avi Thing' featuring the misadventures of  a pair of misfits Dot and Avi. The strips are full of Rem's trademark geeky wit and humor, always a good hearty read mind you.

A sample of 'Dot and Avi'. This is where I  learned the word: 'Lovecrafted'

Check out PoisonRemedy's DeviantArt gallery here.

All images are property of PoisonRemedy and used with permission from the said artist.
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