The Return of the Comeback

Missed me? I know you did.

Its been a while since I had something on this little space of mine in the interwebz. I'd been out due to a domain name issue, but that did not stop me on working at stuff. I finished a lot during the 3 (or 4 or more, not quite sure anymore myself) months while this blog of mine was out. So lemme get my comeback on with this:

Lemme start with one of my 'holy grail builds': a Bandai LM Guymelef Escaflowne.

Just Wild Beat Communication Part 2

So you might remember me working on a Gundam Wing kit early this year. And well, here it is:

BUUUUUT...this part 2 is not just regular electric bugaloo! There's more to it than this. And well, you just have to read on for more.

Reinforcements have arrived

2013 is fast becoming one of my lucky years in terms of plamo. starting this week, I've been getting some cool stuff from the mail. One of them:

A huge pile of hand-me-down gunpla!

Some of the kits here are GOLDEN, especially the Gundam Wing kits. All of them were already built but  are in good condition. But quite a few like the Chaos and Saviour are missing some parts (like that would stop me!). To my surprise, some of the boxes came with a handful of useful bits that I can use for future projects.

But that wasn't all. More after the jump!


The Garage has been Warhammer 40,000 territory for most of the time last year. Moreover, it has been more of a scale model blog than anything else. So I thought maybe I should go back a bit to my first love in terms of scale modeling: GunPla

Here is my current project, a TT Hongli Master Grade Gundam Wing EW!

FINISHED: 1,500 point worth of WH40K ORKS!

I'm off at a very late start for 2013. It's about mid-month and I only have this post so far. Anyway, though that might be the case, this post is a major one as my first 1,500 point worth of WH40K Orks are now officially finished.

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