Just Wild Beat Communication Part 2

So you might remember me working on a Gundam Wing kit early this year. And well, here it is:

BUUUUUT...this part 2 is not just regular electric bugaloo! There's more to it than this. And well, you just have to read on for more.
First things first. What you are looking at right now is a TT Hongli 1/100 Master Grade Wing Gundam EW. Yes, you read it right, a bootleg. But I'd ask: does this look like a bootleg to you?

Sure the kit has a lot of nuances as with any of its kind. Poor fitting, misalignment, poor quality of the material itself. But if the builder (in this case, yours truly) can get over all that then you can have it as good as an original. And as you can see, this is the result of all that hard work and guts:

What I've learned from this build is that sometimes it does not matter if the kit is bootleg or not, it is the effort that gets into it the kit that makes the hobby truly satisfying. Then again, from a moral stand point, we have to consider the time and effort the Bandai engineers and plamo factory workers give in to our plastic crack. GunPla is their lifeblood, and we should give them our support by buying originals.

Personally, I am guilty of patronizing bootlegs and pirated stuff too, plamo or otherwise. But that's stuff to ponder about in another post.

Oh yeah, what's the other stuff again? Glad you asked.


 Or maybe I'll have it as: "I Couldn't resist surprising you all with a classic Sandrock build".

So, here it is. This Sandrock is part of a soft trade I got from one of my buddies in Cebu. among the ton of gunpla I received there, I couldn't resist picking up the Sandrock first. It's really one of my frustrations to have all the Gundam Wing Boys' MS completed but at the time they came around I was but a hapless college student.

And now, after 20+ years I finally got one. I left all my pending personal works and started it. It didn't took me long to finish it as I sorta 'cheated' on the color scheme: I had it based on the Gundam Wing EW build I was working on. Sans the white by the way.

So will this be the end of the endless Waltz? Stay tuned!
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