Gundam:The Origin

Hearing about the original Gundam series remake is the best news I've heard all day. Ok, I'm gonna let loose and say 'in my whole life' then.

I admit I started watched Gundam Wing first before the original series. It was around the late 90's and I wasn't aware yet that Gundam Wing was an 'alternate' series (sort of like how Uncanny X-men was different from just X-men, Astonishing X-men,New X-men etc. etc. well you get the drift). It was followed by viewings of other alternates series like G Gundam, Gundam X etc. and a couple of years into the whole franchise before I got to watch the entirety of the One-Year War in glorious VHS. Ever since then, things changed. My whole view of the anime was broadened with several realizations pounded into my head: that not all supposedly 'evil' organizations are evil (Zeon). That mecha shows are not all about war but of inner conflict as well. That war is never a good thing. Gundam taught me those things and much more.

And now, Sunrise have announced Gundam:The Origin, a remake of the first series, originally serialized as a manga. I guess they (Sunrise)will fit into today's viewing standards. Which means that Sunrise would have all new animations for it, mecha redesigns/design refinements, minor changes to the plot, HD availability and what not. But the main point is that its a chance for the young generation of fans to experience Gundam as it was and have a better understanding of the universe within it. And of course for the old fans like yours truly, we're all just ecstatic.

Off course, there's the slew of merchandise that'll be coming along the way.But that's another story.

News from Gundam guy and Gunjap by the way. Thanks for your dedication guys.

So, I'm making toy review videos now.

And random ones at that.

Here's the first featuring a Dark of the Moon Deluxe Starscream figure I bought recently. I mainly talked about the figure's features, the transformation process and the overall aesthetics of it. So pretty much your common toy review found in every corner of the Internets.

But wait! Watch till the very end for a surprise!

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Tupang Itim (Black Sheep) Finished!

So, I've finished 'SPACESHEEP', my customized Tupang Itim (Black Sheep) figure by the awesome Rommel 'Omeng' Estanislao. Took a lot of work, but is well worth it. I've christened it 'SPACESHEEP-1'. By the way, the spaceship made from SD Zeta backpack and headpiece.

Enjoy the pics:

Awryt, now I'm going back to plamo!
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