A N00b's Guide to Gundam Duel Company (GDC)

Gundam Duel Company (GDC) is up for about 2 weeks now and the game's popularity is growing fast everyday considering that it's still somewhat in its beta phase. So for everyone out there that just got into the game, here's some handy tips to live by your battles in GDC.

New Stuff: TITAN 2100

I'm all tied up with Gundam Duel Company as of the moment but that doesn't mean that that's gonna be what I'm gonna be talking about here. My friend, game designer par excelence Will Mohammed just put up a Kickstarter for their upcoming mecha universe TITAN 2100. And my it looks like we have a winner here.  

Gundam Duel Company, Move Out!

There's a ton of Gundam games out there and clearly Gundam Duel Company is one of them. But what sets it apart is that it is tagged as a 'hybrid' Collectible/Tradeable Card Game (CCG/TCG) aimed at the online gamer of today.

So what's Gundam Duel Company and how does it measure up with other browser games? Read up, soldier!

HG Customize Campaign Weapons and Parts

This is a rather late review so bar with me here.

First off, Bandai should have done this a long time ago. I dunno know why they only released weapons and accessories packs for their gunpla just recently but this is a good move on their part. And to have i in conjunction with their highly successful series Gundam Build Fighters just gave them the momentum in sales that they're enjoying right now (aside getting it from the American toy trend of limited release and such).   

Real friends fire guns together
Now on with the show. Last Decemebr 2013, Bandai released its HG Customize Campaign where they gave away a weapons and parts set free with any High Grade kit purchase. There is a total of 6 sets, labeled A-F. I managed to get all of the parts sets and I'll go about each with my Build Gundam Mark II and a friend's Jegan as models (puns, gotta love 'em).

Rambo couldn't decide what to bring

Good Morning, Lemon Tea.

Again, it's been a while.Let me treat you with something from FreQuency first:

So, I'll start slow for a few of my posts to get things kicking again. I know it's been months since the Garage has opened its doors. Some of you know that I've been through a job that didn't allow for some free time that I used to have when I was way back up North. By that, I'm gonna try to bring the Garage up to spec starting with this:

Thus, the Armored Core reference.

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