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I'm all tied up with Gundam Duel Company as of the moment but that doesn't mean that that's gonna be what I'm gonna be talking about here. My friend, game designer par excelence Will Mohammed just put up a Kickstarter for their upcoming mecha universe TITAN 2100. And my it looks like we have a winner here.  
So you might have took a peak at the Kickstarter and wondered: "Hey dude, this is supposed to be a game right?" Yes, Will and the creative team are gearing it up to be a role-playing game but I prefer to call it as a universe as it's going to be more than just a game. The Kickstarter's initial offering is their Titan 2100 Encyclopedia/ Sourcebook which will cover what hooks every tabletop gamer in a game first: the fluff.

Cool art always gets me hooked.

TITAN 2100 is set roughly less than a century from now, with most of the tech being feasible in the immediate future. The basic premise goes:

"In the year 2100, less than a century from the present day, humanity has ventured forth from Mother Earth into our Solar System, taking the first steps towards exploring the galaxy...

...Large Superpowers such as the American Federation, European Union and Neo-Soviet Republic dominate the Earth Sphere, controlling the majority of the Earth’s landmass, resources and most importantly; people. While independent nations do continue to exist in this hostile political climate, these nations must often tread lightly in order to avoid incurring the wrath of the larger superpowers.

While many of the colonies are dependent upon their founding nations for governance and support, in 2095 at the beginning of the First TITAN Wars, the Alliance of Colonies was formed and many Colonial settlements gained independence, governing themselves while following a set of values and principles that was beneficial to mankind as a whole.

Another reason that gets me hooked on mecha games
Releasing the universe's and game's fluff first seems to be a good idea for me. A lot of games focus on the technical side first, overwhelming players with rules and technicalities without even being interesting or fun in the first place. For TITAN 2100, getting their fluffy stuff out first is a great move on their part as this will let a lot of people, gamers and non-gamers alike, to experience and explore the universe first before anything else. This also provide future fans with choices like if they will go for it for the story or for the game or for the whole experience itself. I've been seeing that this is currently a popular trend for specialty games especially in Kickstarter and all I can say is that I'm loving it and hope that it goes on for quite some time.

It's always good to have choices in a game 'no? 

A lot is included in the book. Among them:
  • Glossary of terms.
  • Extensive Timeline.
  • Information on all continents and peoples of Earth.
  • Information on our Solar System and the Space Colonies including the Jupiter Solar Empire.
  • A peek at Life in the year 2100.
  • Information about the different factions.
  • Short stories from T.I.T.A.N. much more.
And in the future, TITAN 2100 promises to expand into an RPG and a miniatures game in 1/300 scale with a a whole lot more fluff to go with them. Also, look out for more TITAN 2100 updates and stuff here at the Garage in collaboration with the developers themselves.  

So, I don't want to spoil you much more. I'll let the TITAN 2100 crew do the rest of the talking. Head on to their Kickstarter now!

*All images and related texts are copyright by Sector 13 Studios/Will Mohammed
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