***Shucks*** We got reviewed

Our editor-in-chief, Jonas, told us that our humble little Comics/Komiks Anthology (Issue #3 to be exact) got reviewed by Andrew Wheeler,once a judge of the 2005 World Fantasy Awards and the 2008 Eisner Awards. You can view Mr. Wheelers blog here been reviewed along with Underpass, another cool comic anthology made by some of put top local artists.

Dexter Entera and I contributed 'Random Guy' on that issue. It's a story about a wanna-be superhero who gets a random power each day. Part of his daily dilemma would be to figure out that power but of course it doesn't work out the way he wants it to be.

Here's a video of Johnny D. reading the selection   (pardon the noise, that's me a little drunk and playing God Eater). How's that for a little fan service?  :)

To Mr. Wheeler, Thank you so much for the review it's such an honor. We truly appreciate it and rest assured that we'll be continuing the Anthology.

Toycon 2010 cometh!

Toycon's gonna be on June 19-20 2010. That's a whole weekend of toys and collectibles for us at the Megamall's Megatrade Halls 2 and 3. Wow! Imagine that!

Aside form the usual far of toys and collectible sales, model kit competitions and cosplay, Toycon 2010 will celebrate DC comics 75th anniversary. OTACOOL 2 will also be launched at the said event showcasing 4 world class Pinoy Cosplayers (I'm leaving this one for all of you to guess).

Visit Toycon 2010 official website here. See you all there!

I want this one...

Being a Nokia phone owner for so long made me feel like I'm missing a lot in terms of 'new fangledness'.

A prime example:

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold: the Gundam phone and dock you or me could never have because:

1. It's Japan exclusive

2.I bet its gonna be expensive, costing a small nation if you will.

3. It's limited edition, which means that pre-orders are already in and in that alone the stock may have run out already.


But as brilliant ideas go, how about this: I'll make my own!


The original article can be found at the TecheBlog. Click here.


This is what I've been playing lately:

Controversial title aside, this one plays much like a cross between Monster Hunter and Phantasy Star Online. In this game, you are tasked to rid the (post-apocalyptic) world of 'Aragami' using 'Jinki' - transforming weapons derived from the Aragami themselves. The story is intriguing thus far, and I'm sure to play this in the following weeks.

We can has teleportation....

Seems like the whole Physics community was ecstatic over their new achievement: Quantum teleportation.

But its not what most people think. The common notion on the concept of teleportation is that "matter  is transported in a medium over a certain distance" kind of thing. This is mostly true but thing is it's more complicated than anyone could ever think.

There's another concept of teleportation involving the 'reconstitution' of matter over the location where it is supposed to be teleported. Which technically means the thing that was 'teleported' is not the thing anymore but a 'rebuilt' copy of the original. Sound profound eh?

But anyway, the quantum teleportation experiment was carried in China and it involved sending  particles over a certain distance at great speeds (as you know, a quantum is the smallest unit of anything, protons included). The particles in question were protons, a pair of them actually. One proton in the pair is made to undergo an "excited" state so that the pair could be sent though a medium and/or some expanse of space.


And they did this successfully over a distance of  16 kilometers (or 10 miles if you prefer English).

So the question for the day is: what's next???


Wait, does anybody remember THAC0 (to hit AC 0)??? Probably not...

here's Rube Goldberg showing us how to really roll a d20 (that's a 20-sided dice for the rest of humanity):

Good thing there is another way to roll the dice and it involves shaking it in your palm and throwing it at a bystander...errr, I mean table.

Yeah that' what I said, table.

Got it from our friends at Topless Robot.

Is it me or has there been recent changes in deviantart?

...hmmm maybe it's both.

Deviantart.com, the premier art haven on the web had some changes done on its layout and so far I'm liking it. Its a bit sleeker form the last one and more organized I might say. The admin even claim that they saved enough pixels to put up another line of thumbnails.

But of course negative reactions abound, some deviants (as deviantart users are called) seem not prepared for this sudden change.

Still, for me deviantart.com is still the place to be. Kudos!

What's next????

First this:
 the daunting 1:1 scale RX-78 Gundam in Odaiba

And now this:

What's next??? A 1:1 scale Gurren Laggan???

Hari-ang Hero na EMO by Andrew Villar

A totally different Andrew Villar (the guy that writes/draws Ambush on the Manila Bulletin, yep it's him)  brings out his take on the superhero genre with his web exclusive title Hari-ang Hero na EMO.

Hari-ang Hero na EMO is very different from Andrew's usual Ambush fare, as aside form it being written in Tagalog, it shows a very human superhero in the form of Hari. Hari is a essentially a story about a down-trodden superhero, left by his lady love and given all kinds of crap life can offer. Andrew shows that even superheroes like Hari can experience all this, much llike any pedestrian like you and me would in any given day.  Although in Hari's case, its all wrapped up in an adventurous romp packed in black humor and Pinoy cultural references.

This one is so good it can't wait to be read. Click on the link above and see for yourself!

I've been longing for something like this:

...and it goes by the title of  'Tabi po', a brand new spanking and terrifying webcomic from Mervin Malonzo.

This one is chockful of Blood and gore but it's more than that. 'Tabi po' plays subtle until you realize that something is wrong but it's already too late and you get too immersed in it's rich, blood-thick miasma of visuals and story.

Go ahead, click the link and read. Don't forget to say 'Tabi po' You have been warned.

Argh, the elections

The elections just went by here and it was totally CHAOTIC to say the least. Everyone thought that it will be just one whole, smooth process but fact of the matter is that its nowhere near that. Instead, it was a grueling test of patience that could last about 3-4 hours depending on one's personal limits.

And I'm just glad it's over!

Back to my usual rounds, see y'all next time!

I'm writing again for...

...Joystiko! a video gaming blog that features videogames, the people that play them and the lifestyle behind it! Chock full of video gaming news, reviews and commentary from all over!

C'mon, what are you waiting for? Give it a spin!

Yo Bo! short review

First off in my list of comics reviews is Yo Bo! by Norby Ela, Big Mark Cendena and Samantha Simon

Yo Bo! #1 was given free during Free Comic Book Day (May 1 2010) amidst a pile of other goodies from the good guys (the comic book companies and shops, we can't thank you enough!).

I got a chance to read my comics when I got home as I slept through my way home. Yo Bo! was probably the fourth comic I browsed among my spoils as far as I can remember. Yo Bo! starts out subtle in the first few pages, with a surprising bit of violence happening in the middle which may become a source of confusion for first time readers. And in my case it did gave me some in my first run, not realizing that I've missed a lot of narrative elements at at that time.

Going through it the second time made me see through all the fun stuff that the Yo Bo! crew had to offer. Bo, the protagonist was placed in a myriad of outrageous situations in which none seemed to help our hero do any good. In a nutshell, Yo Bo! is about a young man trying to get on with his life after college finding himself strewn into a series of events that might happen to anyone, albeit in a very exaggerated manner: get hired, do your job, screw up and get fired. What a way to start the rest of your life indeed.

Yo Bo! #1 is a short but  fun read, though the sequence and pacing of events got me confused at first. But this is the first issue, just a part of the plot that I'll be eagerly anticipating for  up until the next issue.

FCBD for the WIN!

Yeah Free Comic Book Day was a blast! I attended the Galeria event and was lucky enough to be one of the first 50 people there, being with Johnny for most of the time. I also got the chance to rub shoulders with local comic creators like the ever present Gerry Alanguilan and Edgar Tadeo. Pity though that I wasn't able to bring a camera on the event, so I just had to take pics of my spoils when I got home

Here are my spoils:
Lotsa FCBD giveaways!

From top, going from left to right: lotsa 90's comics from Image, Thor/Ironman, Doctor Solar/Magnus, Radical, Yo Bo!, School Ruin b macoy and Jacara Zar by Ed Tadeo.

After that, we decided to watch Iron man 2, but that's anothter story.

Free Comic Book Day is a good way of introducing new readers to comics (especially kids)and letting people know that comics (and the industry) is still alive. Thanks again to all the folks that have been part of the comics industry! Keep on bringing the funny books!
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