We can has teleportation....

Seems like the whole Physics community was ecstatic over their new achievement: Quantum teleportation.

But its not what most people think. The common notion on the concept of teleportation is that "matter  is transported in a medium over a certain distance" kind of thing. This is mostly true but thing is it's more complicated than anyone could ever think.

There's another concept of teleportation involving the 'reconstitution' of matter over the location where it is supposed to be teleported. Which technically means the thing that was 'teleported' is not the thing anymore but a 'rebuilt' copy of the original. Sound profound eh?

But anyway, the quantum teleportation experiment was carried in China and it involved sending  particles over a certain distance at great speeds (as you know, a quantum is the smallest unit of anything, protons included). The particles in question were protons, a pair of them actually. One proton in the pair is made to undergo an "excited" state so that the pair could be sent though a medium and/or some expanse of space.


And they did this successfully over a distance of  16 kilometers (or 10 miles if you prefer English).

So the question for the day is: what's next???

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