Yo Bo! short review

First off in my list of comics reviews is Yo Bo! by Norby Ela, Big Mark Cendena and Samantha Simon

Yo Bo! #1 was given free during Free Comic Book Day (May 1 2010) amidst a pile of other goodies from the good guys (the comic book companies and shops, we can't thank you enough!).

I got a chance to read my comics when I got home as I slept through my way home. Yo Bo! was probably the fourth comic I browsed among my spoils as far as I can remember. Yo Bo! starts out subtle in the first few pages, with a surprising bit of violence happening in the middle which may become a source of confusion for first time readers. And in my case it did gave me some in my first run, not realizing that I've missed a lot of narrative elements at at that time.

Going through it the second time made me see through all the fun stuff that the Yo Bo! crew had to offer. Bo, the protagonist was placed in a myriad of outrageous situations in which none seemed to help our hero do any good. In a nutshell, Yo Bo! is about a young man trying to get on with his life after college finding himself strewn into a series of events that might happen to anyone, albeit in a very exaggerated manner: get hired, do your job, screw up and get fired. What a way to start the rest of your life indeed.

Yo Bo! #1 is a short but  fun read, though the sequence and pacing of events got me confused at first. But this is the first issue, just a part of the plot that I'll be eagerly anticipating for  up until the next issue.

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