***Shucks*** We got reviewed

Our editor-in-chief, Jonas, told us that our humble little Comics/Komiks Anthology (Issue #3 to be exact) got reviewed by Andrew Wheeler,once a judge of the 2005 World Fantasy Awards and the 2008 Eisner Awards. You can view Mr. Wheelers blog here been reviewed along with Underpass, another cool comic anthology made by some of put top local artists.

Dexter Entera and I contributed 'Random Guy' on that issue. It's a story about a wanna-be superhero who gets a random power each day. Part of his daily dilemma would be to figure out that power but of course it doesn't work out the way he wants it to be.

Here's a video of Johnny D. reading the selection   (pardon the noise, that's me a little drunk and playing God Eater). How's that for a little fan service?  :)

To Mr. Wheeler, Thank you so much for the review it's such an honor. We truly appreciate it and rest assured that we'll be continuing the Anthology.

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