Thought I'd greet y'all right now!


Or Happy Holidays, whichever you prefer.
Unrelated but relevant pic

Thought I'd greet you all know because I'll be offline through the weekends. I'd probably just be home on Christmas Eve and Christmas itself with some friends and family coming over. But It'll never stop there. Monday will see me through another party with my best buddies while Tuesday will see me attend a friend's sister's wedding. Whew. And I thought I could do some painting and building but since the holidays are on weekends well there's much any difference. 

Again,have a good one y'all. Will be back for more geeky shenanigans soon!


Warhammer 40,000 Orks: Trukk and Looted Wagon

As you all know, I picked up Games Workshop's awesome Assault on Black Reach for their Warhammer 40,000 game system. A week after that though, something better came along.

Wargaming awesomeness in a box
I won our company's Christmas party raffle's grand prize and I sorta went on spoiling myself more with these: 

Open Gaming Meet

I think we can apply for Guiness for this
Last weekend was a bit unexpected. My best buddy Homer and I just planned to go around the mall first to get some stuff but a couple of our buddies (Badbeef and long lost friend Thad) texted us that they were in the same area attending an Open Gaming Meet.That came around as a surprise. So we met up with them and thought we hang out for a while.


Warhammer 40,000 Orks: Lootas and Big Mek

Here's my Ork Loota (Looters) " 'Eavy Arms Skwad". Two of d' boys. Finished over the weekends. A bit of background on these guys: they are the orks responsible for scavenging the battlefield, thus they tend to have the noisiest, nastiest guns in the whole war band. The 5-ork 'skwad' has a 'Mek' (mechanic) attached to it for battlefield repairs. 

Komiks Review: Prolouge and Weather-weather lang

Time for another komiks review. And I not only have one but two komiks sent in by Norby Ela of Yo! Bo! fame.

Prologue and 'Weather-weather Lang' are two of Norby's recent works. At first glance they are almost polar opposites of each other: Prologue being a silent komik while  'Weather-weather Lang' is driven by dialogue. What seems to bind them together is Norby's trademark 'sensitivity' which he puts into his works.

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