Open Gaming Meet

I think we can apply for Guiness for this
Last weekend was a bit unexpected. My best buddy Homer and I just planned to go around the mall first to get some stuff but a couple of our buddies (Badbeef and long lost friend Thad) texted us that they were in the same area attending an Open Gaming Meet.That came around as a surprise. So we met up with them and thought we hang out for a while.


The Open Gaming Meet was great. Apparently there's a group of people that organize these meets to play tons of board games all day. So we sat down at a table, grabbed 'Last Night on Earth' (that B-movie zombie game I was talking about earlier) and played with a couple more guys (some of the ladies were already playing so we didn't have any of them to play with). I think we were the rowdiest among the groups as we were cussing and throwing memes on each other (like Zelda's "here, take this!").

Badbeef using his celerity

Zombies are coming!
After a couple of rounds, I walked around and sat at another table for a demo of a card game called 'Deck of change' which the creator claimed is an open system. Which means you can play a lot of variant games with a single deck. I was hooked, the game was cool enough so I bought a copy for myself. I'd make a review out of this in my late entries.

Thad on the 'Deck of Change' table

'Deck of Change' creator Ari
And I got myself Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000: Assault on Black Reach. Spoiled myself rotten I guess. Now I have another ton of Orks and Space Marines to build and paint. The Orks of course would join my Kult of Kitz while the Space Marines would be made into Salamanders Chapter Marines.
Yeah more plastic soldier's for me

Yeah it was a good weekend.
Me and the guys after the meet.

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