Battle Report: Gundam Collection Tactical Battles

*I actually challenged myself not to post for a week because of this. 

My buddies and I are all currently crazy about Gundam Collection Tactical Battles (GCTB), that miniatures game played with 1/400 scale mobile suit minis and set in the Gundam universe. It's an instant hit for me and all the other guys because it combines two things we love the most: Gundam and miniatures wargaming.

We all had the chance to try out the game during one of Mechapinoy's Mechameets (a gathering of people from the local mecha community and forums).  Our games were a sort of the side event as the meets are usually centered around kit building and trading/selling/swapping.
Titans (Randy) vs. 08th MS team (Roe)

I'll talk about the game first. Gundam Collection Tactical Battles (GCTB) is a rather basic miniatures game with simplistic rules unlike most miniatures wargames out there. Each player build his own task force of mobile suits from a per-determined points value agreed upon by both players. The board is set and the battle is fought afterwards. The first player to wipe out the other player's force or completes the objectives wins the battle.

Each unit is capable of moving and acting per player turn. Actions range from shooting, assaulting and/or using a suit's special abilities like launching funnels. What's unique about Gundam Collection Tactical Battles (GCTB) is the inclusion of  Newtype (NT) abilities, a set of game-breaking abilities shared by all units. This gives low cost units a more or less equal footing against higher cost units in-game.

Finished: 1/4800 scale Littorio- class Battleships

Hey 2 posts in a row! That's a rarity. Anyway;

Finally finished my 1/4800 scale Littorio- class 'Vittorio Veneto' and 'Littorio' Battleships of the Italian Navy/Regina Marina. Each took about 3 hours of work.

This is for 'Naval Thunder', a WWII historical naval miniatures war game me and my buddies are playing as of the moment.

Dropped by to greet you all:

My usual response whenever I'm asked out.
  Just a thought.Nothing much as I am still ass-deep on all the work-in-progress stuff I have. 

Catch y'all later.

Painting Slum: Nothing the Ultramen can't fix

I've been on a painting slump  lately. I get a lot of it through the year and it usually happens when I have a long streak of painting works (usually for 3 months straight) until my hands/eyes/both of it gets tired. So whenever i get it, I get up and go away from my work table for a bit and do something else.

I try my hand at toy photography.

Naval Thunder Battle Report: French vs.Italian Navies

I've been playing a good number of miniatures war games and this is just the first time that I'll be writing a battle report. This one's gonna for Naval Thunder, a WWII historical naval war game that me and my buddies were longing to try out.

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