Painting Slum: Nothing the Ultramen can't fix

I've been on a painting slump  lately. I get a lot of it through the year and it usually happens when I have a long streak of painting works (usually for 3 months straight) until my hands/eyes/both of it gets tired. So whenever i get it, I get up and go away from my work table for a bit and do something else.

I try my hand at toy photography.
In this particular session, I grabbed my set of  4d puzzle Ultramen which I bought a few years ago. Here are the pics:
 Ultraman Tiga is up first.

Next is Ultraman Gaia.

Here we have Ultraman Dyna's Strong Form

             Last but not least, Ultraman Cosmo in his Corona Form. 

     Bonus Figure: Ultraman Tiga in his Shinning Form.

4D puzzles are 3-dimensional puzzles with an added element: 'detail', hence their name. Each one is a highly detailed figure when assembled but is a challenging piece to assemble when taken apart. The Ultramen series is long out of production and I'm lucky to have had all 5 together (4 in the series plus 1 bonus figure) making them one of my most prized pieces in my collection. 

Check out more 4D puzzles in their main website.

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