HG Customize Campaign Weapons and Parts

This is a rather late review so bar with me here.

First off, Bandai should have done this a long time ago. I dunno know why they only released weapons and accessories packs for their gunpla just recently but this is a good move on their part. And to have i in conjunction with their highly successful series Gundam Build Fighters just gave them the momentum in sales that they're enjoying right now (aside getting it from the American toy trend of limited release and such).   

Real friends fire guns together
Now on with the show. Last Decemebr 2013, Bandai released its HG Customize Campaign where they gave away a weapons and parts set free with any High Grade kit purchase. There is a total of 6 sets, labeled A-F. I managed to get all of the parts sets and I'll go about each with my Build Gundam Mark II and a friend's Jegan as models (puns, gotta love 'em).

Rambo couldn't decide what to bring

'Just in case I miss with my 'baz..'
I'll start with Set A's Bazooka and Set C's beam rifle since Mk. II is holding them in the pic below. The Bazooka is a pretty solid build mainly because it is just assembled from two halves with the barrel as the only other separate piece. with a little sanding and seam removal, this is truly a neat extra for heavy MS.

The Set C rifle on the hand is another solid build, and is somewhat on the 'plus size' category as smaller suits like the F91 and V2 will have difficulties wielding it. Still, this is a nice alternative beam rifle for any MS from 18 meter up class.  

I'd like to point out from hereon that all of the HG Campaign weapons have similar construction schemes. Most of them would be 2-3 piece weapons that are easy to put together but look cool with a little more effort on building and painting.

'Is this the end?'
Set B is for the 4-barreled Beam Gatling Guns. This is the first of the two set of gatlings in the series, this being the single-handed one. Really looks cool in pairs and I would advise on getting them like that for that 'heavy armed' feel. Also, holes on the sides of the guns allow of alternative mounting.

I heard from the toy shop crew that this is one of the sets that gets out of stock quickly so I just had to have a pair ASAP. Maybe partly because it comes with alternate beam saber parts that are cool on their own right.  
Yet another set that you should get in pairs, this is Set D Beam Bazookas. These are fairly familiar as these resemble the beam bazookas that 00's Virtue wields (something I should be doing when I get my hands on my HG Virtue again). Awesome nonetheless and with a little more detailing these 'zookas would be one of the more badass weapons in any gunpla arsenal. Also, like the Beam Gatlings, the Beam Bazookas have holes on the sides for alternative mounting.

These are also one of the sets that fly fast off the shelves according to the toy store crew. And his may be because of their cool factor. Also, the joint parts that come with it allow for multiple arms assembly on compatible gunpla. More on that as I feature the joint parts on another review.
Now for the biggest weapon on the set, Set F's 6-barrled Gatling Gun. This piece is two-handed beast that makes any HG as badass as it can get. I mean, who doesn't want their HG MS to have one of these? It's like doing an Ahnuld thing on your little plastic Gundams right?

What surprised me is that this gun has a few visible seams that you can just leave them as is. and a connector hole is present on the rear end of the gun just perfect if you ant it mounted on a backpack or on the waist instead of the armor. 

I almost never had this one, as the store clerks said this is the fastest one to get off their stocks. Good thing they had just one more on the box when they let me choose among the sets.
And finally, we have Set E's Dual Heat Swords. This set is pretty much the most Zeonic-themed among the sets but is given a more generic look in this release to fit other HGs. It comes with a connector that would fit the two blades into one big blade (end-to-end, on their handles). The simplest and most lightly packed among the sets. 

And that's it for the HG Customize Campaign weapons. The sets come with joints and other parts useful for customizing, but I will touch on them when I get back home.

See y'all around, Gunpla Builders!

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