Good Morning, Lemon Tea.

Again, it's been a while.Let me treat you with something from FreQuency first:

So, I'll start slow for a few of my posts to get things kicking again. I know it's been months since the Garage has opened its doors. Some of you know that I've been through a job that didn't allow for some free time that I used to have when I was way back up North. By that, I'm gonna try to bring the Garage up to spec starting with this:

Thus, the Armored Core reference.

This is a 1/72 Bradley Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) that a friend of mine handed down to me (with them, I feel like the luckiest plamo guy on the planet). I had it finished around late 2013 but was not able to post progress, much more the finished product up until now. But heck here it it. 

I ran out of tans and browns actually.

 This is actually my first armor build and after this I'm actually craving for more. I hear a lot of modellers saying that armor is one of the more difficult kits around and I agree with them so far as how my Bradley turned out. The camo's hand painted by the way, painted on with a process I will yet reveal,to those who are truly worthy.


Have at it folks! More to come!
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