The Return of the Comeback

Missed me? I know you did.

Its been a while since I had something on this little space of mine in the interwebz. I'd been out due to a domain name issue, but that did not stop me on working at stuff. I finished a lot during the 3 (or 4 or more, not quite sure anymore myself) months while this blog of mine was out. So lemme get my comeback on with this:

Lemme start with one of my 'holy grail builds': a Bandai LM Guymelef Escaflowne.
I waited 17 years to build one of these. LM (Limited Model) Bandai kits were expensive back in the day. And being a college dude with a paper thin budget back then meant passing off these kits for the cheaper ones on the shelves.

Now the LM kits were not that all too stellar even in the 90's. They had little articulation, bad proportions and almost useless decals but the selection was too tempting to pass. There were kits from the line were queer pickings from popular series back then. a number of non-scaled Evangelion units and Angels, Guymelefs, Gundam X grunt Mobile Suits etc. were made available in the line.

Today, the LM line has achieved cult status and many collectors and builders are seeking out these rare kits. I only chanced upon this and a Scherezade (Allen's Guymelf in the show) from a seller in my area. A lucky find indeed.

How's this for a comeback?

More from the Garage, next time!
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