Practical Plamo (PuraPura)Episode 1

Practical Plamo (PuraPura)Episode 1 is up! Don't miss it!

This episode discusses all the basic tools you'll ever need to build Plastic Model kits (Plamo for short). Enjoy!

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Tupang Itim (Black Sheep) Toy Customization time!

Got this from Rommel Estanislao ( for a discount last Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) because the left foot was damaged. Currently doing some customization work on this little guy. Stay tuned!

Aftermath: Free Comic Book Day 2011

As always, Free Comic Book Day was a blast and this year is the best yet.

I've been attending FCBD for the past 3 years and it just keeps getting better and better. In the early years, FCBD goers were just given the event comics and other stuff, which in itself is already a good thing. Comic Odyssey in particular, the local chain that pioneered the said event in the country went steps ahead by giving away non-FCBD comics much to the delight of (us) comics fans.

So, as any FCBD goes, me and my buddies went into the mall about a couple hours early to get ahead of the line. We ended up somewhere in the middle,with me landing #83 in it. We didn't wait in the line for long though, just about an hour in it saw us receiving the comics along with some other cool stuff. What caught me off guard though was the in-store grab bag; instead of having just about 10 old comics there were 50 or so inside it. It was mostly 90's Image, DC and Marvel stuff much to my satisfaction. One of my buddies cherry picked his share and gave me the rest so I ended up with about a hundred or so comics to take home. Around 3-4 kilograms in my estimate.
The pile (I like to call it 'Godzilla'). 1/144 Astray Red Frame shown to scale.

The event was far from over after everyone has gotten their comics. The local comics and indie creators showed up to meet, greet and sign autographs for their fans. So we not only got free comics, it turned out to be one big meet up all in all.

So, here's a round up of what I got:
1. Green Lantern/Flashpoint preview FCBD edition
2. Star Wars/ Avatar Darkhorse flipbook
3. The Magic: The Gathering comic
4. A handful of local indies
5. Tons of 90's comics!
6. Lots of neat little extras like a DC poster from Ivan Reis, a bookmark and a lolipop!

The mayhem explained, in my FCBD aftermath video:

More pics of the event:
The comics creators tables amidst the line.

Komikon peeps chillin'


Guess who the skin head guy is?

FCBD 2011 sure was a blast! Thanks to Comic Odyssey for the comics and stuff! Also to all the comics creators and fans who attended the event.  See you all in next year's Free Comic Book Day!
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