As of this article's writing, I and the rest of the skeleton crew of our humble company are still at work in the morning of Christmas Eve. It is on our volition by the way, never forced or coerced in any one of us.

And I still think we're lucky cause some of us get to work at Christmas itself, away from their families or homes. I have had a number of these instances when I was an outbound customer service agent and let me say it's quite lonely but thinking and missing your loved ones during the holidays elicits mixed emotions.

So I've puased all the geekiness that I have inside and outside of this blog to write this. Let me say 'Merry Christmas' to all of you! I'm saying this because I might not have any chance to greet you all on the day itself. It's a long holiday ahead after this so I hope you all have a good time too in the days that follow. See you next year!

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Gone to the mountains

Now when me and my buddies were in High School, we used to hang out and/or hike Mt. Makiling just for the heck of it. I remember enjoying it and we carried out the activity up until college.

Now I'm out of college, working and pretty much an out-of-shape white collar dude that sits in front of a PC. Now that I've a new writing gig, one of my first assignments was to go to Mt. Makiling's tourist spots. I haven't climbed in ages and I thought that I might collapse or something like that midway. At least I've made it through Flatrocks but only half-way. I've been warned by the Forest Rangers that the trail was muddy as it rained throughout the weekends. I thought they were exaggerating but when I got to the trail itself, it was indeed very muddy (knee-deep muddy to be exact).

So I contacted my editor and said that the trail was, for awhile, inaccessible so I had to turn around and be advised on what to do next.

We then postponed some of the Mt. Makiling spots for another day (summer perhaps) but the trip made me realized that 1. My body is not what it used to be, 2. listen to forest rangers, they know better and 3. I've gotta start slimming down again.

In other news, I'm excited about this:

Revoltech GUNBUSTER! News from TOMOPOP btw.

Nono can't be far behind :D

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The secret is...

...after a series of new toy photos I took with my new digicam:

SD Kamen Rider Blade gang (From left to right): KR Chalice, KR Garren, KR Leangle, KR Blade

SD KR Blade on his SD bike.
My Chibi-Ultramen

Apharmd and Temjin (2P colors) figures from Virtual-On. Made by Kotobukiya.

More of the Apharmd figure from Virtual-On (Kotobukiya)

More of the Temjin (2P colors) figure from Virtual-On from (Kotobukiya)

Mini-SIC (Super Imanginative Chogokin) Kamen Rider-1 Diorama

Mini-SIC (Super Imanginative Chogokin) Kamen Rider-1 Diorama close-up

Suffice to say I'm enjoying toy and macro photography as much as my other hobbies :D

 As for my secret "I will be writing professionally once more"

It is staring at you right now.
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What's the frequency, Raipo?

Again, another not-so-long hiatus broken by a blog post from yours truly.

And yes, you might ask: "What's the frequency, Raipo?"

Been up and around lately, a lot of good things happened. Most of it I've already braodcasted in my Facebook wall. For one, I now own a Real Grade 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam:

Real Grade 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam
I was ecstatic when I held this kit in my arms. I never usually anticipate a kit but this one made me so excited from the day that it was announced. Basically, it's a scaled down Master Grade kit with a lot of gimmicks and features not found on any other 1/144 Gundam kit. A true Bandai Masterpiece if I might say.

I just snap-built the whole thing and I'm planning to paint it. More pics of it:

Familiar pose?

On a chain base

And then Bandai announced a Real Grade Char's Zaku II, not much of a surprise since a new gunpla line often starts with these 2 iconic mobile suits. That got me excited too, so what this space for more Real Grade action.

So what else can I tell? I've bough a new camera lately which relieved the ol' PSP Chotto Shot/Go Cam's role as this blog's official camera. The gunpla pics above are actually one of the first few shots I took with it. It's a modest 10 megapixel General Elctric model with some good macro functions. And as I have said from a previous post, that is just fine for me.

Finally, there's a secret project that I've already set in motion for and luckily it is going to be in full effect around next week. Stay tuned for its announcement.

Next time!
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