Simple & Practical Toy Photography

I'm not a photographer. I'm a snapshooter. And a scale modeler/action figure collector at that. Normally when I finish building and painting my toys and kits, I take pictures of them to post online.

Here are just a few simple guidelines I follow:
1. Any camera will do - You don't need a Digital SLR for toy and figure photography. Believe or not, I take most of my pictures with a PSP Chotto Shot/Go Cam. It doesn't have a flash and it's only at 1.3 megapixels.


So what if it has limited features? Point is as long as it can take a decent picture, it will work out. For me, the PSP Chotto Shot/Go Cam is enough as it has a macro feature that enhances a toy's/model kit's/action figure's details (that's what I love about it). Heck even a celphone or simple digicam will cam will do. You don't have to get all fancy-schmancy about your gear.

2.Do mind the basics - of photography. Even a snapshooter should put into mind the basics such as lighting, composition and the rule of thirds. Technique and style will follow suit.

3.The pose -  you just can't tell a toy to pose on it's own, you'll have to do it yourself. For starters, think of a scene from the comic, cartoon or anime/manga in which the figure came from. Try to copy the pose and look at it from the camera. Then move on to more dynamic poses that will push a toy's/model kit's/action figure's articulation. One simple rule: If it looks good, then it is GOOD.

4.Background and composition - in my case, I keep it simple. For most of my toys/model kits/action figures, I either use the black or white side of an illustration board.

You might be thinking:"That's absurd!". But it is simple and practical. Yes there are commercially available toys/model kits/action figures photo backgrounds, though if you can make a cheaper but nonetheless effective alternative then why not?

I've tried my uncle's old scrap paintings for backgrounds and they work well too. See? It doesn't take that much.

5.Mind the size - usually, forums and social sites have ground rules on picture sizes. Make sure to follow them.

6.Most if all, keep the fun intact - after all, aside from saying to the world that "I've done/finished this!", keep in mind that toys/model kits/action figures photography should be fun.

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