Saturday Morning Cartoon Nostalgia

Growing up in the 80's was great. I'd wake up early on a Saturday morning so that I can watch my favorite cartoons which airs 'til noon before the variety shows kick in.

I would have to say that cartoons in the 80's were very different from the ones shown these days. In those days, cartoons were all in English. It's not that I am against localized cartoons and anime but somehow, those cartoons taught me how to express myself in another language. Sesame Street is another influence but that's another story.

80's cartoons have moral lessons at the end of the show, such as in He-man, She-ra and Bionic Six where they teach kids everyday values and virtues. That's a rarity these days when cartoons and anime seem to be overblown toy commercials.

Sure they were campy, even the seemingly sensible ones like Thundercats and Centurions were downright camp (I've only just realized this when I reached my 20's) they make more sense and are much more coherent than today's cartoons and anime.

A week ago, I suddenly had the urge to post a sliver (actually the intro) of Inhumanoids, an 80's giant monster cartoon. The theme song just slipped through my mind so I decided to post it on my (social network) page. Before I knew it, a number of my friends, most of whom are about my age, satrted posting comments on how they miss cartoons like these. I posted another intro video, this time of The Visionaries, followed by a lot more. Suffice to say, my social network wall looked like it was a internet message forum filled with nostalgia.

Don't get me wrong, I watch and love recent stuff. Thing is, the good ones can be culled to only a handful.

It was fun reminiscing though. this goes to say that some things from the past are better than what we have now.

Oh, and the toys were better too in those days don't you agree?

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