In a Gundam series, more often than not...

It's just a few days more 'till the the Gundam 00 movie: A Wakening of the Traiblazer hits Japan theaters.

And with that the Garage celebrates Gundam 00 week when we'll be talking about everything Gundam!

So, let us start with this phrase; "In a Gundam series, more often than not...":
lead gundam: white, blue, red, yellow

1. ...the lead Gundam is colored white, blue, red and yellow.

2. ...the hero is a distraught teenager that stumbles upon the said Gundam. How convenient!

3. ...there's a race of enhanced humans running around the series: Newtypes, Coordinators, Innovators and the like.
a guy in a mask

4. colonization is involved somewhere in the plot.

5. ...there's a red mobile suit that's "3x times faster than a regular mobile suit!"

6. ...and the red MS is piloted by a masked guy (there are a few exceptions though)!

7. ...the main protagonist and his/her rival shout each others names when engaged in battle.

8. ...there's a weapon of mass destruction waiting to be used.

9. 'evil organization' is not necessarily evil.

10. ...there's a Haro somewhere!

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