Turning British

Well then, that was after I've turned Japanese a long time ago.


I've predisposed myself to a couple of British TV (or telly) shows lately and all I can say is that "Why did these just occurred to me just recently?"

Doctor. Who. Two word, both English icons. As far as my stock knowledge (and the internets) serve me, Doctor Who is a long running sci-fi TV series dating back since the 60's. It features a nigh omnipotent alien simply known as 'The Doctor' traveling around space/time in his fashionable craft called the TARDIS (Yes, the same one Iv'e been working a model on for weeks now) dragging along a companion or two into fantastic adventures commonly involving some sort of crisis within the universe.

My earliest memories of the series were of it being aired on local TV within the afternoon cartoon slot. I remember watching around half a dozen episodes of it with Tom Baker as the Doctor back then. Since then I have not watched most of the series until a few weeks ago when I procured 4 seasons worth of the series on DVD. The modern series, as I was informed, started in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor, followed by David Tennant and Matt Smith as the 10th and 11th Doctor respectively .

A little more background for the Doctor if you may: the Doctor belongs to a race of aliens known as Time Lords which are long lived beings possessing super science.They are at  war with another race called the Daleks (a race of mutants whose bodies are encased in a tank-like vehicle) and in the far future fought what was known as the 'Time War' when none of the Daleks survived and all of the Time Lords died save the Doctor survived.  And with that, the Doctor travels by his lonely self thru space/time in hopes to avert the said war.

Part if the reason why the Doctor changes appearance is that Time Lords have the ability to regenerate, hence he escapes death at the cost of a change in appearance and personality. in Dortor Who lore, a Time Lord can only regenerate 13 times and thus far he is at his 11th incarnation raising questions as to whether the series would be after the 13th incarnation.

Next is Sherlock by BBC. Not to be confused from the Robert Downey Jr. flick by the way. Yes the Sherlock Holmes beloved by Britannia albeit with a modern twist. A really modern twist as Sherlock is presented as a present day bloke facing present day mysteries. And of course, Watson is never far behind if Sherlock is around, presented as an ex-military doctor with no o place to go.

The stories and situations that the new Sherlock and Watson face are still based on the classics but given present day elements. Sherlock and Watson both keep blogs, they text each other and bear London traffic like everyone else making the partners totally relatable to present viewers.

I'm totally hooked on these two series at the moment. Mainly because both stimulate and sometimes stimulate the intellect as compared to other TV series. And they are good breaks from my usual anime fare, though it does not mean it diminishes my otaku sense in any way.

Why don't you try them out?
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