Finished: 1/100 MG GPO1 in Maintenance

Another day, another finished kit!

This time its a Bandai 1/100 scale Master Grade GPO1. It's one of Bandai's early Master Grade kits. An indication is that absence of a full inner frame. What's there is a full frame for the legs and a full detail/transformable Core Fighter.

World's Smallest Haro ???

Been VERY busy these days with all the personal projects and commissions coming in as of late.

but well, during my breaks from building kits, I usually come up with stuff like this:

Life Update: Cebu Aftermath and Commissions

Again pardon the lack of activity here. Been gone for a few weeks because of *ehem* business. I had the opportunity to visit the island of Cebu to meet-up with my partners in crime over there. It's about an hours travel by plane or about 24 hours by boat. It was a great trip; Cebu is much cleaner and more beautiful compared to most cities here in Luzon. The people are friendlier too. And the food (especially the lechon) is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

I heard there's a Tamiya Factory there too.

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