Life Update: Cebu Aftermath and Commissions

Again pardon the lack of activity here. Been gone for a few weeks because of *ehem* business. I had the opportunity to visit the island of Cebu to meet-up with my partners in crime over there. It's about an hours travel by plane or about 24 hours by boat. It was a great trip; Cebu is much cleaner and more beautiful compared to most cities here in Luzon. The people are friendlier too. And the food (especially the lechon) is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

I heard there's a Tamiya Factory there too.

Anyway, as soon as I got back here (after being stranded at Manila Bay for half a day due to high tide), a high school classmate of mine contacted me to have his kits built and painted by yours truly. I quickly agreed by virtue of us being former classmates alone. So he handed me a couple of his a couple of days ago: A Sinanju and Hi-nu Gundam, both are TT Hongli 1/100 Master Grades.

I'm currently having the Sinanju done first. I had it snap built and ready to be painted according to my client's specs. All I can say is that even though this is a TT Hongli knockoff, I am truly impressed. I almost don;t want to seal off the armor because of the inner frame detail but I have to go with my client's wishes. I can't wait to build an original!

Also, the MG GPO1  you see with the Sinanju is a scrapped one that my Cebuano friend let me take home. It's currently my personal project and as you can see, I have already done away with my plans on it.

Stay tuned hobbyfolk!
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