Finished: 1/100 MG GPO1 in Maintenance

Another day, another finished kit!

This time its a Bandai 1/100 scale Master Grade GPO1. It's one of Bandai's early Master Grade kits. An indication is that absence of a full inner frame. What's there is a full frame for the legs and a full detail/transformable Core Fighter.

This started life as a hand-me-down kit form one of my friends in Cebu. I received it sans weapons and other parts so I decided to model it in maintenance.

I had the inner frame shown in this kit. I always have this dilemma of whether or not to show the inner frame of a Master Grade kit.

I had the kit shown in 'maintenance mode': a lot of battle damage showing to justify it being in such a state. The kit was missing a lot of its parts and accessories so I didin't have a hard time figuring out what to do with it.

Much of the painting I did here was drybrushed as this technique suits battle damage well. My decision  to  show much of the leg's inner frame was easy, as much of the kit's parts has been missing.

I had warning stripes (black and yellow) on the leg with the exposed inner frame and on the head where the v-fin should be. I've looked at a lot of references of aircraft, armor and other mecha in maintenance and found that those markings are used to denote damaged parts. Hence, the stripes.

And here's a little bonus: behold the Core Fighter!

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