Again it's been a while. Yours truly has been busy with business (which I hope to reveal one day) so I'm not around the internets most of the time.

But hey, if you know me too well I'm also around tinkering with whatever model kit I have in my hands.

Here's what I finished recently. It's a  SD Gokai Oh from Megahouse. It's another hand-me-down from one of my buddies when we met at TOYCON 2012 a few weeks ago.

A little background: Gokai Oh is the combined mecha of all the (Kaizoku Sentai/ Pirate Taskforce) Gokaiger's vehicles. They have a pirate theme so it reflects in their mecha too.

This one is made of vinyl, much like Munnys and other vinyl toys. It was originally meant to be colored with color pencils/pens but you know me. I had an especially hard time with this one with all the colors on it but every bead of sweat was worth it.

Painted w/ Semco, Citadel and Vallejo Acrylics.
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