As of this article's writing, I and the rest of the skeleton crew of our humble company are still at work in the morning of Christmas Eve. It is on our volition by the way, never forced or coerced in any one of us.

And I still think we're lucky cause some of us get to work at Christmas itself, away from their families or homes. I have had a number of these instances when I was an outbound customer service agent and let me say it's quite lonely but thinking and missing your loved ones during the holidays elicits mixed emotions.

So I've puased all the geekiness that I have inside and outside of this blog to write this. Let me say 'Merry Christmas' to all of you! I'm saying this because I might not have any chance to greet you all on the day itself. It's a long holiday ahead after this so I hope you all have a good time too in the days that follow. See you next year!

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