Finished: 1/4800 scale Littorio- class Battleships

Hey 2 posts in a row! That's a rarity. Anyway;

Finally finished my 1/4800 scale Littorio- class 'Vittorio Veneto' and 'Littorio' Battleships of the Italian Navy/Regina Marina. Each took about 3 hours of work.

This is for 'Naval Thunder', a WWII historical naval miniatures war game me and my buddies are playing as of the moment.

The Littorio with its default colors and glued to a base.

It's sister ship, the Vittorio Veneto with its 1942 camouflage (or my puny attempts to replicate it hehe)

Obligatory 'shown to scale' pics of both ships.

Ships and base hand painted with Vallejo model colors. All ships are available through Tiny Thingamajigs. Check out the blog and shop.

More to come as my other ships arrive!
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