Warhammer 40,000 Orks: Trukk and Looted Wagon

As you all know, I picked up Games Workshop's awesome Assault on Black Reach for their Warhammer 40,000 game system. A week after that though, something better came along.

Wargaming awesomeness in a box
I won our company's Christmas party raffle's grand prize and I sorta went on spoiling myself more with these: 

Suffice to say, I went to the city next day and spoiled myself further by buying a Chaos Marine Rhino (to be done as a Looted Wagon) and an Ork Trukk for my ork army. Now I can put Warhammer 40,00 out of the way at least, as I can now field a complete 1,500 point army (achievement unlocked). And I have a few more bucks to spare after all that.

↑And I got this from the gifts exchange. I was just asking for poker chips on the wish list but my secret santa went a step further and got  me a whole poker set. Truly appreciated!

Oh better late than never: here's my review on Assault on Black Reach. Enjoy!

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