Warhammer 40,000 Orks: Lootas and Big Mek

Here's my Ork Loota (Looters) " 'Eavy Arms Skwad". Two of d' boys. Finished over the weekends. A bit of background on these guys: they are the orks responsible for scavenging the battlefield, thus they tend to have the noisiest, nastiest guns in the whole war band. The 5-ork 'skwad' has a 'Mek' (mechanic) attached to it for battlefield repairs. 


Yup, Gundam reference on the skwad's name 

And here's my finished Battlemek Gunjaw at last along with the Lootas. I just had the base textured with some Tamiya Basic putty and put some disposable lighter parts on it for detail. I then had the base painted medium and light grey.

I'd build more of these as my army grows. And I'll have to remind myself to magnetize their arms so that I can turn them into Burnas (flamethrower-totting boyz) from time to time.
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