FCBD for the WIN!

Yeah Free Comic Book Day was a blast! I attended the Galeria event and was lucky enough to be one of the first 50 people there, being with Johnny for most of the time. I also got the chance to rub shoulders with local comic creators like the ever present Gerry Alanguilan and Edgar Tadeo. Pity though that I wasn't able to bring a camera on the event, so I just had to take pics of my spoils when I got home

Here are my spoils:
Lotsa FCBD giveaways!

From top, going from left to right: lotsa 90's comics from Image, Thor/Ironman, Doctor Solar/Magnus, Radical, Yo Bo!, School Ruin b macoy and Jacara Zar by Ed Tadeo.

After that, we decided to watch Iron man 2, but that's anothter story.

Free Comic Book Day is a good way of introducing new readers to comics (especially kids)and letting people know that comics (and the industry) is still alive. Thanks again to all the folks that have been part of the comics industry! Keep on bringing the funny books!

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